Daily Digs | Urban Sophisticate

Uptown Sophisticate | Daily DigsToday’s Daily Digs is inspired off of a party! We love parties here at DENY. This urban party is brought to us by Aaron Hartselle & Bess Friday, who threw this gorgeous soiree in a beautifully lit warehouse.

Aaron explained, “An amazing collaboration with the uber-talented Bess Friday, this shoot is meant to be a juxtaposition of the urban and the urbane. The warehouse space has amazing natural light, providing an ethereal quality that inspired the muted color palette. The rough wood floors provided the perfect canvas for what evolved into a glam, flower-rich table setting.”

We loved the end result so much that we thought, “We not live in a space this beautifully styled all the time?” So, we came up with a beautiful Uptown Sophisticate Collection to help set you off in style. Uptown Sophisticate | Daily Digs Uptown Sophisticate | Daily Digs

Uptown Sophisticate | Daily Digs

Room image via The Glitter Guide

Check out the preview below of the Urban Sophisticate Collection and shop it all here!

Uptown Sophisticate | Daily Digs

See the Urban Sophisticate Collection here!

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