Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

Graduation Gift Guide

It’s just about that time of year! Show the coolest, most creative, freshest, radest, funest grad in your life how much they mean to you with a stylin’ gift of congratulations. We’ve put together a fool-proof gift guide full of ideas to get your grad excited about their next chapter of life. Throw pillows, duvets and sheet sets are the perfect gift for a high school graduate that’s preparing for their upcoming college adventure! Imagine them cozying up in the coolest, most colorful throw blanket on their dorm hall making everyone oh-so-jealous.

Or how about one our new clocks, mirrors and magnet boards? They are perfect for adding that statement of personality to proclaim to the world, “I did it!” Whatever you decide, we have over 100 artists and over 3,000 designs to choose from that will make graduates of all personalities yelp for joy!

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

LA WHITE by CityFabric, Inc. Throw Pillow

YOU ROCK by Heather Dutton Throw Pillow

SEIZE THE DAZE by Wesley Bird Quatrefoil Clock

ESODREVO by Bianca Green Sheet Set

TEXPAN by Fimbis Duvet Cover (pillows sold separately)

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

WILD MAGIC by Kris Tate Magnet Board

AERIAL DISPLAY by Budi Kwan Throw Pillow

BE SPECTRUM 1 by Kal Barteski Throw Pillow


STAR POWER by CMYKaren Baroque Mirror

SO FRESH SO CLEAN by Leah Flores Shower Curtain

Congratulations Grads!

Shop the Graduation Gift Guide Collection!


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