The BlingBox. It’s Back and Better Than Ever.

The BlingBox. It's Back and Better Than Ever!

Your jewelry is getting a serious housing upgrade.

If you’re like most, the options for jewelry storage just don’t quite cut it.  You’ve got the traditional tabletop jewelry box that’ll work if you’ve only got small chains and stud earrings.  Then there’s the handy dandy Tupperware container if you like to store your precious jewels in the same place that you housed last night’s leftovers.  And then you can always use a dresser drawer, because who doesn’t love hours of sifting through tangled jewelry?  But c’mon…none of those are any fun or very functional.  And that’s where the BlingBox comes into play.

What’s the BlingBox you might ask?  Just about the most innovative jewelry storage solution ever!  It hangs on the wall as a piece of art, but pulls double duty as a jewelry box on the interior.  It holds over 300 pieces in all shapes and sizes while allowing you to actually see what you own.

The BlingBox | It's Back and Better Than Ever!

DENY Designs is re-launching our signature product and it’s better than ever!  Here’s what makes our latest and greatest model of the BlingBox so fantastical:


  • Handcrafted construction process using 100% sustainable, eco-friendly flat grain Amber Bamboo with a glossy aluminum front cover
  • Measures 22” x 22” x 3”, which is 1” thinner in depth than our previous model, making it more streamlined and lighter in weight

The BlingBox. It's Back and Better Than Ever!


  • Different hook design – Jewelry is easily accessible with custom acrylic hooks that connect to durable bamboo sliders
  • Scalloped interior ledge compartment for loose jewelry and bangle bracelets


  • The best part?  The BlingBox is now $50 less and retails for $399!

Choose any one of our 3,000+ designs from over 100 DENY Artists to beautify the front of your BlingBox. And guess what? The covers are interchangeable! So, if you get tired of a design or change up your room, simply purchase a BlingBox Replacement Cover for only $89!

Shop all the fun BlingBox designs here!

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