Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms make the world go ’round. Not only are Moms the most loving people on the planet, they also are selfless and never fail to support us in our crazy adventures of life. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, it’s important to show your Mom just how important you know she is in your life! Words and actions are the best thank you of all, but a thoughtful gift can go a long way. That’s why we put together our favorite gift ideas to give to the one that gave you life.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Banana Bread French Toast by Just a Taste

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?! Prepare your mom some deliciously decadent Banana Bread French Toast. Yeah, that’s right. We just said BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST. If that doesn’t impress her, then we don’t want to be friends with your Mom. Just kidding, of course.

2. Hibiscus Mimosa by thekitchn

Help her wash down your delightful eats with a unique spin on the classic mimosa. Head here for some creative recipes like a Hibiscus Mimosa using St. Germaine!

3. Don’t forget the flowers!

Grab Mom a bouquet of freshly cut flowers or try a forever-lasting bouquet of these awesome paper flowers by Paper to Petal!

4. Mom can never have enough throw pillows.

Pick out your favorite mix-n-match bunch from our collection of over 3,000 designs! You’re supporting artists all over the world and giving Mom a fresh color pop to her home decor.

Try this sweet-as-pie combo (pictured above):

Tweet by Cori Dantini Throw Pillow

Spring Paisley by Valentina Ramos Throw Pillow

Blossom 1 by Cori Dantini Throw Pillow

Mother's Day Gift Guide

5. Fleur Rouge by Amy Sia Duvet Cover

We love this Fleur Rouge design by Amy Sia. It’s the perfect start to a beautiful bedroom!

6. Carnations Pink by Garima Dhawan Throw Pillow

7. Hex by Pattern State Throw Pillow

Add in some pillows to match and give her a whole new bedroom makeover!

8. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Subscription

Better Homes and Gardens is full of inspiration and tips for home decor and living that we all love! Give her the gift that will last a whole year! While you’re at it, check us out on page 38 of the May issue!

9. Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik

Our customer relations rockstar, Abby, led us to this awesome resource and blog, Young House Love. “It’s over 300 pages filled with tons of ideas, projects, and step-by-step tutorials for showing your home some love (in the same don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously DIY spirit of the Young House Love blog).” We’ve seen our share of DIY’s, but this book takes the cake as a comprehensive resource of all the fun you can have with getting your hands dirty. It’s the PERFECT gift for a new mom-to-be or the craftiest mom on the block.

10. Flower Dots 2 by Juliana Curi

If you want to REALLY WOW MOM, try a piece from our new DENY Wall Collection. With statement-making mirrors, clocks and magnet boards, these babies make a whole room launch into colorful style. Choose from over 3,000 beautiful piece of art! Better start lookin’.

11. Create Your Own Design by You!

Have a favorite photo that you took or want to remind Mom of how awesome you are? Well never fear! DENY is here to the rescue. Upload your photo or image and we’ll print it on any one of our products! Duvet cover, shower curtain, throw pillow, mirror, clock and so much more. We’ll make you the hero of the day.

Shop the Mother’s Day Collection here!

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