DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

Oh have we got a treat for you.

Every month we’re taking you behind the scenes of the DENY network and into the homes and studios of the most creative people we know…our artists and in-house staff!  There’s something beautiful about peeking into someone’s life behind closed doors. You get to see their personality truly shine through in their home decor selections and tastes, while also getting a glimpse into their inner workings.

To kick off our DENY At Home series, we’re giving you an intimate look into the wonderful world of one of our DENY Artists, Kal Barteski. Learn about her intense love for polar bears and why the color black is her knack. So, sit back, grab your beverage of choice and prepare to be inspired by this rad artist!

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

First things first, Kal. If you were a superhero what would your catchphrase be?

Making letters awesome!

And you sure do! How would you define your unique style?

I’m bold, but painfully simple.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

I’m super lucky to live in an old, established and extremely conscious ‘hood. It’s walkable. It’s social. It’s community based with farmers markets and ‘walking school busses’ (that’s a real thing!) and family-run corner stores. Our neighbourhood is centrally located, full of parks, massive old houses, 100-year old elm trees, artists and a pretty outspoken commitment to the environment. I love it here.

Sounds like bliss! Favorite room in your house?

I love our main floor. It’s kind of a living room/kitchen/dining room combo.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

What are 3 necessities that you feel are needed in every room? 

Oh man. I need light, a throw blanket, and ART.

We couldn’t agree more! What’s the story behind the oldest heirloom in your home?

Besides the house itself, I have a pair of old trunks from a boat that came to Canada from Europe around 1910. That’s around the time our house was built. I like to think that that journey was an adventure that started here and carries on. (Plus they are big, black, weathered and fabulous.)

Wow! We love the story behind vintage finds. What was your biggest splurge (in home decor)? What was your best bargain?

Splurge: we had an extra long dining table made from reclaimed grain elevator floor boards. I love that. Bargain: I made a dining room light out of wire I found in the garage.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

LOVE that light. What a great DIY! And speaking of that beautiful dining table: You can invite 6 people (living or dead) to a dinner party.  Who made the list?

Maya Angelou
, Kelly Slater, 
Charley Harper
 ,Barack Obama, 
Tina Fey and a polar bear.

Ha ha. You sure do love your polar bears! 5 things you can’t live without?

Black leggings, apples, Bensimons, big sunglasses, white t-shirts

Favorite item in your house?

The house itself. It’s OLD. It turned 100 last year and it’s a beast. But, the character cannot be beat.

If you had to choose a piece of your own artwork and build a room around it, which piece would you choose and how would you compose the space?

The WHEN YOU LOVE painting is one my personal favourites and I HAVE built a room around her.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

And you did it well! Now, let’s talk about YOU. Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

I’d be really happy if I was still here. Still painting daily and riding along with this rad adventure.

Sounds like perfection. If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why?

Black. Steady, mysterious, versatile.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

We love your studio workspace. It looks so fun to create in! If you’re running low on creative inspiration, what’s your remedy?

PLAY. I have three fantastic daughters under five and two insanely adorable French bulldogs. Seeing life through the eyes of those five balls of creative energy – fills me up in the best of ways.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

ADORABLE!! Speaking of pets, what are your pet peeves?

People who are LATE. Image theft online. Clutter. Excuses. Unreliability. Also super annoying to me: dogs barking.

If there’s one artist (dead or alive) that you would want to have drinks with, who would it be?

Banksy. Totally.

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

Colours. I think about paintings I want to do. I think about polar bears and what to get for groceries. Really exciting stuff!

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

If you could only do one dance move the rest of your life, what would it be?

Running man. Definitely.

That’s why we love you. Why do you love DENY?

Easy, bold, fabulous.

DENY at Home with Kal Barteski

KAL BARTESKI is part of the DENY Artist Family. You can find all of her designs on her artist page and pick your favorite for a shower curtain, duvet, throw pillow, wall mirror and so much more! She is a professional artist who specializes in painting, writing, design and staying inspired. She sells her work globally and keeps a daily journal online. An award winning designer, sought after script artist and winner of a Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she is a creative powerhouse and inspiration living her dream in Canada’s wonderland. When she is not elbow deep in paint she is busy speaking about art, inspiration and creativity. And maybe a little magic.

Shop all of Kal’s art here at DENY! 

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