Daily Digs | Circus Chic

Circus Chic - Daily Digs

The whimsy, the color, the fantasy, the mystery. All the best parts of the circus in a chic and sleek home decor package! Today’s Daily Digs comes from PIXERS, who specialize in these beautifully whimsical and intriguing wall stickers.

“We decided to follow in his [Henri Toulouse-Lautrec] footsteps and take a look at the joys and sorrows of the circus life. We wanted to see how circus artists behave both in headlights and in private life. We mixed surrealism up with everyday life and served it with impressionist sauce. Our collection will surely appeal to people who are not afraid to break conventions…”

Circus Chic - Daily Digs

Circus Chic | Daily Digs

Circus Chic - Daily Digs

Images found here

How can you not be inspired by this? It’s perfectly modern and perfectly packed with personality. We put together a Circus Chic DENY Artist Collection to help send your home off into an unconventional look of beauty and whimsy.

Circus Chic - Daily Digs

See the In the Circus Chic Collection here!

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