The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Get excited for the prettiest mirrors, clocks and magnet boards you’ve ever seen. Most loved for the beautiful statement they make in any room, the new DENY Wall Collection uses chic layered engineered wood covered in beautifully dyed metal in the artwork of your choosing. Featured in two distinct styles, quatrefoil and baroque, and three sizes (small, medium, and statement-making large), your walls will be the belle of the ball again.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

And true to the DENY way, you can get any mirror, clock or magnet board printed with any one of our DENY Artists’ 3,000+ designs! When you’re ready to order, we custom print the product and assemble it just for you. We’ll send it off to you with love and congrats for being an art collector of your own home.

And to introduce our new line, we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Yeah, yeah, we love you, so what. Here’s how to enter:

1. Like us on our Facebook page if you haven’t already. (Don’t worry, we only post the coolest stuff)

2. Go to DENY Designs and find your favorite piece from the new wall collection. Team Quatrefoil or Team Baroque? Clock, Mirror, Magnet Board? Then pick your favorite artist and design.

3. Once you pick your favorite piece, tell us what it is and where you would use it in your home  in a comment below.

The best answer will be voted on by our office and the winner will get a LARGE size of their selected piece! Contest closes Monday, March 11th at 12pm EST.

Now the only question left is, which team are you, Team Baroque or Team Quatrefoil?To help give you a head start on picking your favorite, we’ve highlighted some awesome combinations below!

Team Baroque

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

Are you on Team Baroque? Let’s find out if this sounds like you:

  • When you get dressed up to go out, you call it “peacockin.”
  • Over-accessorizing is not in your vocabulary.
  • You’re the life of the party and smiling is your favorite.
  • If you had the choice between owning a deserted island or unlimited clothes, you’d be one well dressed human.

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

Team Quatrefoil

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

How about Team Quatrefoil? Let’s find out if this rings a bell:

  • You’re middle name is “class” and you know how to use it.
  • Your home is laid back, clean-lined, but not lacking color.
  • You’re the most lovable at any party.
  • You’re poised, calm and ready to take on the world.

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

Now what are you waiting for?

The new DENY Wall Collection comes in three amazing sizes:

Small: Perfect for livening up your office space or getting a head start on decorating your dorm room!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Medium: Not too big, not too small, but always makes a statement.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Large: For the folks who live by the motto Go big or go home. This size is a color-radiating anchor to set off any room right. Go ahead, make the Jones’ jealous.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Stop dilly dallying. Go pick out your favorite and let us know!

46 thoughts on “The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

  1. Aimee St Hill Bright Roses Baroque is my favorite! I would put this in the entry way of my home as a statement piece.. Last thing to look at before I leave the house and the first thing I see when I arrive! Beautiful!

  2. Kal Barteski’s “Be Classy” Baroque Clock would look AMAZING on the wall above my bed with my Amy Sia duvet cover! Even better once I get my new dream apartment in June with my NEW duvet cover! 😉 I love DENY! Quality, comfort AND style!

  3. That was too hard! I managed to pick the one that stuck out most to me, Kris Tate. I adore the Baroque Mirror. The curly edges just made every image look like it was popping off the wall!! I would use that large mirror in my newly built bathroom. Right next to my Deny shower curtain….I am only sad I didn’t think of this first. Much respect! Love ya.

  4. My favorite is currently the Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson Elephant Quatrefoil Clock! I would hang it over my desk where I imagine its an art studio and create as much as I can. This clock would be great piece to provide inspiration and to help keep track of time 🙂

  5. My favorite is Anderson Design Group’s “Taj Mahal Baroque Magnet Board”. The happiest day of my life, I visited the Taj in India. I learned if I dream big, I will never stop growing. This board, would not ony remind me of that magical day, but it would be an awesome vision board, to hang in my kitchen! It will inspire me, and keep me aligned with my highest self, and my goals/dreams. Cheers! ❤

  6. Obviously #TeamQuartrefoil and I couldn’t be more obsessed with the “Light As A” clock by Jane Kathryn Kolles. I have been talking about how much a clock would bring to my living room walls. Perfect!

  7. Hmm, it is a tough one. I would pick a Portland Green Quatrefoil Clock by Bird Ave in large and put it in my dining room. It would be in the center of the wall, because both the piece and the city are worthy of undivided attention. I’d put a Bo the Elephant Quatrefoil magnet board by Valentina Ramos on the wall by my desk to remind me to keep whimsy and creativity in my work and approach to life.

    And if I were feeling generous, I’d give the Seattle Quatrefoil clock by Anderson Design Group to my brother, who loves his home city as much as I love mine.

    So, because I am supposed to pick one, I’d pick the Portland clock, because it is really exceptional and beautiful in its simplicity.

  8. I assure you it’s not; don’t take this as a joke.
    My vote of victory is decidedly placed with baroque.
    This frame is grand and will surely evoke
    A smile from me and a smile from every bloke.
    Madart especially is one of the finest folk.
    Summer Snow would shroud my dorm with an awesomeness cloak.
    It’ll match my duvet with its snazzy cosmic smoke.
    No matter which way you look at it; it has to be team baroque!

  9. I am definitely more Team Quatrefoil. I am not afraid of color in my house. I am loving the clocks….. they are mad beautiful. The black and white one…. love it with the pop of color. The middle one – reminds me of a peacock playing with purple leaves. My favorite one is the purple clock with the pop of yellow! I’m a young mom, this is my page on facebook – I’m in the process of trying to put a decent craft/creative idea room together. This would look perfect in there.

  10. Team Boroque for sure!
    Loving Kris Tate’s Poncho mirror
    No need to know what time it is, what is more important is that you look good 😉
    I live in an old Victorian house with room above the fireplace for such a mirror. I have been waiting for the perfect piece to hang up there and I think this would be superb!

  11. Madart Inc Birds Of A Feather Quatrefoil Clock for my bathroom because it matches my shower curtain…which I love BTW. I would have liked it as a mirror, but I don’t see it listed.

  12. I would choose the CityFabric Inc. Paris White mirror! It is classy and a statement piece without jumping up and grabbing you. I would put it in my entryway to remind myself to seek adventure and romance every time I go out:)

  13. Cori Dantini Blue Floral Quatrefoil Mirror. And really I’d put it up at work so my bland cube has something pretty AND I’d be able to see when someone sneaks up behind me to discover I’m on the Deny website searching for things to buy!

  14. I love Iveta Abolina’s Sunset 2-clock. I could put it in my kitchen, living room or master bathroom. The colors work well w/my home & the design is simple yet elegant. It would stir up a lot of conversations no matter where I put it.

    Team Baroque! All the way!

  15. Hands down, I’d choose Jacqueline Maldonado New Light Quatrefoil Mirror to accompany my duvet cover in the bedroom. For me, the pairing would have a transformative effect. Crossing the threshold from the real world to my chosen reality, I’d just know I was HOME.

  16. Clara Nilles Mardi Gras Octopus Quatrefoil Clock! I LOVE the colors Clara uses in her pieces, although some are a bit too bright for the decor in my home. BUT…the one room I always surprise people with is the bathroom! I fell in love with her Octopus Shower Curtain and since the bathroom was already an “under the sea” theme complete with clear glass “bubbles” glued in a few clusters on the walls, her gorgeous Octopus curtain just made the room POP! I have searched for the perfect clock to hang above the door for YEARS! (It is the only room n my home without a clock! (You would think I would be on time more often with all the clocks!) And I have not been able to find one until NOW! And if you are curious…here is one photo.

  17. Undoubtedly, my favorite is the Budi Kwan Hello Dave Baroque Mirror. That color scheme is mint!!! If I won, I’d bring my new amazing mirror into work with me. My workplace is in terrible need of some art so I’d hang it up in the sad, beige, four-person cubicle where I work. Hopefully it would even inspire others to carry some weight and help beautify this bland space we spend 1/3 of our lives in. I’d even take a few pictures of the mirror in it’s new home and post to facebook!

    Love your work Deny Designs! It makes me smile!

    1. Congratulations MaryBeth! You are the winner of the DENY Designs Spring Collection giveaway! Please email with your selection and contact information and we’ll get your new mirror out to you. Hope it brightens up your workspace and that this news brightens up your day! If we don’t hear back from you in 48 hours, we’ll move to our second place winner.

      Thanks for following DENY Designs!

  18. I would love nothing more than to wake up in the morning, do my make-up and see my beaming reflection framed in a Fimbis Veer Baroque Mirror! Coming from a true colour addict, nothing wakes me up better than a pop of colour in the morning. What would make this even more special is that it would be my first piece of decor I would be bringing to my first apartment I’ll be moving into in May! Thanks DENY Designs!

  19. Oh E Ah, anyone can see that Renie Britenbucher’s Bees Quatrefoil mirrors are for me! Why you may ask? Because her work is a blast and I would definitely hang it in my studio so I could look at me and hold my art up to it and LOOK and reflect. So there you go. All your artists rock but the bees have it.

  20. being from the bay area my whole life, my heart is in San Francisco….. I love this design “CityFabric Inc San Francisco Black Baroque Clock” ! It would look great in my office for everybody to see. surely one of a kind

  21. man, how do you choose???? so many artists, i could spend HOURS browsing. Instead i have gone with my favorite artist, Bianca Green, an amazing design “zigzag” and there is no hesitation on the quatrefoil mirror. It a hero piece !!

  22. I would belong to Team Quatrefoil. I would love to have such a unique clock or one of the mirrors in my office.

  23. I have to expand my comment! I hadn’t looked at ALLLLL the choices of art and artists you have available for these new items. :::
    As I said, I would belong to Team Quatrefoil. I would love to have such a unique clock or one of the mirrors in my office. I am an enthusiastic birder and I will be putting many kinds of bird art in my office. I would love to include one of the clocks by Cori Dantini! I love all of her bird designs, I may have a hard time choosing.

  24. After several hours of drooling and debating (over which artist to pick- quarterfoil definitely trumps baroque!), I think I’ve weighed all of the pros and cons and decided that Bianca green’s Aztec diamonds in teal gets my vote!! The biggest size would shield one quarter of my bleak, stark white office walls and the mirror factor will remind me to smile through the pain of being a perma-temp attorney! Not to mention the motivation that the quartrefoil will bring me to one day outfit my whole home in Deny studios art!!

  25. This is tuff and I’d like something for myself, BUT, my 10 year old granddaughter has finally gotten her own room and she is so excited! Without going into a long story, she has waited a long time for this and I have promised to help make her space just as wonderful as she is. With her in mind, I would love to have a Team Quatrefoil Mirror by Andi Bird to hang over her old “hand me down” chest of drawers. The chest can be painted and with so many great colors in the mirror, she will have many colors to choose from for the chest. A piece like this can follow her for years to come. And I love that I can share the gift of art and the appreciation for all the artist with her!

  26. Winning the Baroque Mirror by Latt Leyen would add a wonderful touch to my piano studio. I would hang it above the mantel where it would reflect light from the French doors on the opposite walls. I feel the shape and design would compliment by baby grand without being too formal.

  27. After much needed debate, I have finally chosen Valentina Ramos Garden Ava Baroque Clock. My reasons are as follows…I absolutely love Valentine Ramos! Her designs are just fantastic and the colors that she uses are brilliant! This clock would just add to my Valentine Ramos collection. Now were would I put this beautiful piece of art, well I just moved across the county and started a new job and my office is pretty gray and empty right now. When I look up at the time I just get bummed out that only 5 minutes have gone by but with this beautiful, colorful, new clock to look at, I wouldn’t mind watching the minutes go by. So needless to say this piece would brighten up my office with some fantastic colors and make time seem like its going by little bit faster. Plus I would want everyone to know that the new girl has great style and taste! =]

  28. I love everything Madart Inc. The birds of a feather Baroque Clock is perfect. Of course I’m in the process of buying a new townhouse and have pillows and a duvet waiting to be displayed! A clock by the front door so everyone cans see it would make it all complete!

  29. Shannon Clark Cosmic Baroque Mirror – Team Baroque all thee way! As an Art History graduate, I fell in love particularly with the Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo movements. The cut of this mirror frame beautifully represents the ornate and lavish lifestyle that is Baroque. As a Las Vegas native, stargazing and constellation spotting has never been an easy task to accomplish. Our polluted skies and relentless city lights flood the stratosphere and inhibit the beautiful and natural cosmos to be seen through our eyes. The required action to see such a cosmic beauty, is to travel outside city limits and venture into the darkness of small towns surrounding my city in order to see the universe that is above us. I believe in the infinite universe and love every interpretation of it. Mirrors act as the windows to self-examination or reflection that ranges in scale of vanity or self loathing. To me, my mirror would act as a daily reminder to always put my best self forward. 🙂 I would love to see this mirror in my knotty pine den hanging above my telescope. As I am an avid science fiction fanatic, this room would be a great home for this mirror. It is with my unbridled sense of eagerness that I hope you choose me. Thank you for your time. – Sophia M.

  30. Happee Monkee–> Paris Je Taime <–Quatrefoil Mirror

    This mirror would look perfect either in my bedroom or my apartment hallway near the door! This design says it all! Not only is it vintage, but its has a look that will grab my guests attention! I picture myself looking at (and in) the mirror and escaping reality, for a moment, with the beautiful scenery design.

    My style is very simple, yet stylish. Vintage is my new trend. Recently getting my own apartment and decorating it my way, the mirror saying: Paris, Je T'aime meaning "I Love You" will bring some positive words, friendly environment and encouragment to my apartment.

    Oh ya…Team Quatrefoil!

  31. I really like Bird Wanna Whistle Buddha Quatrefoil magnet board the I would love to put it near the entrance of our home. It goes with our eclectic style and folkish art pieces.

  32. It was soooo hard to choose!! I would go with Gina Rivas Design’ Exotic Floral Quatrefoil Mirror. I have just bought my first ever place and will now be on a house-poor budget :+) This mirror would add such a burst of personality to the place. Right in the front hallway welcoming all visitors to my new home.

  33. Our Vote: Irena Orlov Poppy Poetry 3 Quatrefoil Mirror!!! We love this piece and would use it in our design studio porcelain chamber “office”. To us it says it all with COLOR & Nature. Not to mention it screams, “Dang, we’re special!”

  34. Love these! So fun. I’d totally pick the Iveta Abolina Sunset 2 Baroque Mirror. We have worked at refinishing our basement for over 2 years now! We have done every bit of it ourselves, and it is so, so, close to being done (we are left with just painting the baseboards). We have split stairs going down to the basement, so there is a landing half way down where the stairs switch back. Along the landing there is big blank wall – it’s the first thing you see when you open the door the basement. Since there is NO natural light in the stairway, I think this mirror would be just the thing to liven the space up. The walls are a sage green and the cream mirror would look amazing, plus the mirror would make the space look bigger. I’m all about nice bold pieces! Great giveaway.

  35. Hi! My favorite design is the Kal Barteski “Be In The Moment” Baroque clock. I love this clock because it is a beautiful reminder of what parents like me often forget as our babies are changing before our very eyes. As we chases them, wrangle them, corral them & teach them, we need to remember to be present with them because we won’t get this moment back. This clock would be the focal piece in my dining room to make a statement both about my family and to my family. Whether I win or lose, I hope Kal knows how much I love his work. ❤

  36. Fimbis Falling Into Place Baroque Mirror is a big winner for me. I love the felt pen hand drawn nature of this design. The curves and frills of the Baroque shape is a perfect combo with the geometric bright’s! It’s a perfect addition to my home which is painted white to contrast with all the bright collectables and furniture I have accumulated over the years.
    This mirror most definitely deserves to be a statement piece and would get pride of place right above my mantle piece in my living room!

  37. I loved the texture and color of the Matt Leyen Feathered Dark Baroque clock. I’m a senior in high school and next year I’ll be at college with a new room! This clock would be a perfect centerpiece to add the interesting twist I’m looking for 🙂

  38. I would go with the Anderson Design Group City Pattern Border Quatrefoil Clock and hang it in the corner of our basement that I have staked out as “Mine”. I have always wanted to write and I have come to the realization that the only way to do that will be to my somewhat ample posterior into a chair, sit at some type of flat area and, well, write. Something. Anything. My 12yo son bought me a used manual typewriter that has to be at least 70 years old for Christmas (The “F” doesn’t work but he thinks he can fix it for me :)) and it is on My desk, in My corner. (There is no way that typewriter will ever work but I would be hard pressed to leave it behind even in the event of the eastern seaboard suddenly dropping into the sea and turning East TN into ocean front property.)
    I have several other ADG prints for different cities we have visited and I would love to have the clock to help me keep on track and focused without one of those hideous digital clocks that always seem like they are glaring out at you because the numbers are so big and red and bright. I have some of the prints included on the clock and like the thought of having all of that geography and cultural and landmark images right in front of me. Who knows maybe some of those places will end up in one of my soon to be landmark novels!

  39. My favorite mirror is Jane Kathryn Kolles Light As A Baroque Mirror. I love this mirror it will go perfect in my bedroom. I have had a hardtime finding yellow and gray’s together to match my walls and comforter set and this will go very well with it. After it is on my wall I would put a shelf under with with candles, so the mirror would reflect the light onto my bed.

  40. Team Quatrefoil! I can’t stop thinking about the Happee Monkee Choose Happiness Quatrefoil Clock – I feel like it was made for me! Ever since I saw it online last week, I’ve been using the phrase “choose happiness” to remind myself that I’m in control of how I feel in a given situation, and that sometimes the solution is as simple as choosing to be happy. I love the floral pattern as well as the colors – I’m a huge sucker for flowers, and for that pop of pinkish red. The whimsical, vintage polka-dots also make me – fittingly – very happy. Lastly, I studied English literature in college, and I love word games, so the wooden tile images are perfect! I’d love to put this clock right across from my bed above my dresser, so I can open my eyes in the morning, see this beautiful piece, and start every day in the right frame of mind.

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