Daily Digs | Colorful Kid-Proof Elegance

Boho Eclectic | Daily Digs

Meet S. Rohde Hill. He’s a family man. When Apartment Therapy toured his space, he made it a point to say, “Just don’t call it eclectic.” He says the word is overused and he prefers “opportunistic” to describe his hodgepodge of interesting decor. The apartment looks bohemian chic with a definite personality in all his collectibles. But, nothing is too fragile or rare that it can’t handle his two kiddos running freely. We love that there is no sacrificing style for family. You can definitely have both!

Boho Eclectic | Daily Digs Boho Eclectic | Daily Digs Boho Eclectic | Daily Digs

For the full tour and story, head here!

If you’re inspired by his eclectic and funky style, check out how some of our DENY Artists can help you achieve the same look. Did you know our DENY products are super kid friendly? Since the art is dyed directly into the fibers of the fabric and surface, it becomes one beautiful piece. That means that you can machine wash it and the color will be just as vibrant as the day your received it! Three cheers for that.

Boho Eclectic | Daily Digs

See the Eclectic Color Pop Collection here!

3 thoughts on “Daily Digs | Colorful Kid-Proof Elegance

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the colors on your site.. I am SO drawn to colors.. My eyeballs immediately go into a trance of some emotion that just feels so good.. I have always been drawn to bright and cheery colors. I’m so glad I found you.. I truly believe that colors spark emotions as does music..

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