Daily Digs | Colorful Cottage Chic


Today’s Daily Digs comes from interior designer Javier Requejo. The cottage was renovated out of an ancient farmhouse. SO chic. But instead of going completely true to its roots, Requejo channeled a cottage chic that we could really fall in love with. He mixed traditional elements like farmhouse chairs and wood-burning stove and paired them with modern art and bold colors. We love how he painted the traditional cottage chairs in bright and fun colors. What a wonderful DIY update without sacrificing the cottage charm!



The modern chairs in the loft mixed beautifully with the rustic interior walls. He brings the warmth in with the foundational elements and uses rustic, rich colors to liven them up.


deny-digs-colorful-cottage-chic deny-digs-colorful-cottage-chic deny-digs-colorful-cottage-chic

The result feels so fresh and homey and never stuffy. For the full tour and more information on today’s home, head here!

If you’re chomping at the bit for this home, check out some of our DENY Artists and the designs we think would fit perfectly in this style!

Shop the room inspiration here!


Shop the Colorful Cottage Chic Blue Collection here!


Shop the Colorful Cottage Chic Pink Collection here!

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