Daily Digs | It’s a jungle in there!


Today’s Daily Digs comes from Italian designer Maurizio Giovannoni who redesigned this beautiful Finnish home for his client. His challenge was to bring in the client’s love for Mediterranean colors into the traditionally all-white Scandinavian style home.

It’s a beautiful combination of Mediterranean and Scandinavian styles. The traditional IKEA colored birch wood is found throughout the kitchen with ash colored floors grounding the space. The living room creates a relaxed yet creatively-inspiring feel with the beautiful jungle mural as the focal point. Moss greens are used throughout and touches of magenta, yellow and red and blue adorn accessories bringing a lively feel to the room.


Daily-digs-its-a-jungle-in-there Daily-digs-its-a-jungle-in-there

For the full tour and more information on today’s home, head here!

All images above credited to  for Refinery29.com

If your home or apartment features light walls and finishes, then check out these DENY Artists to help you inject just the right amount of color! Here are some designs we picked to help you recreate today’s Daily Digs. And, remember, you can get any one of our 3,000+ designs on any decor element in your home!

Shop the room inspiration here!


Geronimo Studio “Winter”

Aimee St. Hill “Spring 3”

Aimee St. Hill “Spring 2”

Jacqueline Maldonado “Rhythm 4”

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