Daily Digs | Yellow isn’t Mellow Anymore


We just can’t get over today’s Daily Digs, the home of LA-based  stylist Shirley Kurata, brought to us by Refinery29.com. Kurata firmly believes in personal style and that everyone has their own unique formula for it. Her whimsically-quirky style shows all throughout her home in the bright and sunny yellows, delicious orangey hues and retro touches. What a color combo inspiration! She manages to channel the beauty of the 60s and 70s in a way that feels modern and personal.

“It saddens me to see people in boring jeans and T-shirts these days,” said Kurata. “I love people who are willing to try something new and different, even if it might end up being too crazy or bizarre – I like the risk-takers!” We couldn’t agree more! We are big advocates of personal expression and style, especially in your home. Your home is not only your safe haven but should be a mirror to your inner creative expression.

daily-digs-yellow-isnt-mellow-anymore daily-digs-yellow-isnt-mellow-anymore


How adorable is she and her home?! We love it.

For the full tour and more information on Shirley Kurata’s home, head here!

All images above credited to  for Refinery29.com

Start your own natural expression of yourself right in the comfort of your homey haven. A great way to begin is check out our DENY Artists and see which one (or several!) attract your unique creative mix. If you love the citrusy retro design of this space, you’ll love this sampling of art from our DENY artists! Happy creating.


Andy Bird “Beatnik”

Budi Kwan “Forest”

Gabriela Larios “Prado”

Gabi “Chevron Coral”

Madart, Inc. “Swirly Flower Gray and Yellow”

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