Meet Our New Throw Pillow Fabric.


Hello, new fabric. We’ve been anxiously awaiting you!

Introducing, our new throw pillow fabric in a luxurious, high quality burlap-polyester. Oh, it’s good. REAL good. It’s thicker with a beautiful weave to it, yet soft enough to cuddle up with.

And it still uses our fancy pants, one-of-kind custom printing process which dyes your selected artwork directly into the fibers of the fabric, making it one vibrant piece of art to adorn the nooks and crannies of your home. And, perhaps best of all, you can machine wash the cover and the color will stay as vivid as the day you received it!

To celebrate our new fabric, we’re giving you 15% all throw pillows through Sunday, February 17th!! Just use discount code DENYpillowsROCK and you’re well on your way to being an art collector in your own home!

Yeah, we like you that much.


Shop these and over 3,000 more designs at!

Bianca Green “In Love With Triangles”

Valentina Ramos “Groveland”

Gabi “Wish”

Arcturus “Chaos 3”

Matt Leyen “Feathered Dark”

Amy Sia “Future 1”

CityFabric, Inc. “Paris Black”

Robert Farkas “Wolf Rocks”

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