Daily Digs | Statement Jewel Toned Decor


Sometimes, all you need is that one statement piece that sets the whole room off in style. Whether it’s a large scale piece of artwork, an area rug, or a bold statement sofa, all you need is a grounding piece and the room magically transforms into a perfect vision. In the case of Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska, the latest flat she designed was just the case. She used a big photograph of Sopot pier by some Portugal photographer. Used as the base statement for the combined living, dining and kitchen space, the large scale photograph merges the areas together in one cohesive design. In fact, it set off the entire rental apartment in style. She carried the emerald blue tones as accents to white, black and natural woods throughout the home, even in the beautiful bathroom. “This apartment is in Sopot, it is designed for rent, for weekends, for the tourist that wants to feel some atmosphere of old XIX town Sopot . It is in a new building but me and my principal want to get a climate of old town apartment,” stated Kolodziejska.

We are in love with this simplistic and chic color palette and can’t wait to start inspiring our own spaces with! See below for selected DENY Artist’s designs that could serve as statement pieces to carrying this same palette into your own home.



Daily-Digs-Statement-Decor Daily-Digs-Statement-Decor Daily-Digs-Statement-Decor

Article and images referenced from a feature in Desire to Inspire, here. 

Get inspired off of these DENY Artists’ designs to help recreate this look in your own space!


Leonidas Oxby “Brooklyn Bridge 125”

Leonidas Oxby “The Subway”


Amy Sia “Ocean Sky”

Gabi “Waves”

Robert Farkas “White Tiger”

Matt Leyen “Train of Thought”

Shop more designs here!

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