Daily Digs | Modern Hollywood Home Decor


Do you have an area in your home that’s just “you”? Maybe it’s a corner that perfectly combines your love of vintage with sleek modern design or an art wall filled with your nephew’s favorite monster drawings. Everyone should have a corner. Their corner. One that inspires the rest of their home to be a complete reflection of who you are!

Mexico-born Sydney based interior designer Lorena Gaxiola showcased her perfect corner to the Design Files in her recent home tour. She absolutely loves her entryway which boasts a beautiful painting by her friend and Mexican artist Jorge Tellaeche and the most beautiful graphic “Hollywood” credenza. And how cute is that coat tree in the perfect pop of grass green? We can’t blame her for loving her corner. We love it too.



This glass dining table has us swooning all over the office. And the beautiful mesh chandelier just put us over the edge!Daily-Digs-Modern-Hollywood-Home-Decor

We love the graphic rug and the beautiful combination of cobalt and coral. Too perfect!

Read more about her home, here. 

If this space inspires you, then you’ll love these designs from our DENY artists! Let us help you create a home that’s perfectly YOU.


Wesley Bird “Saltwood”

Sophia Buddenhagen “Cook”

Khristian A. Howell “Moroccan Mirage Green”

Leah Flores “Pura Vida”

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