Artist of the Week | Nicole Martinez


Meet Nicole Martinez.

“I grew up watching my architect grandfather draw plans with a pencil under his giant magnifier. His lines were sharp and concise. I don’t know when I decided to become an artist, but it must have been while watching his creations form on those flimsy sheets of paper.

I was born in Miami, educated in Gainesville, FL and have lived in Sao Paulo, Madrid, New York, Providence and now Boston. Every city, every step has been a place to learn and get inspired. I have so much fun designing, and I hope my art brings just as much joy to others so they can call it their own.” – Nicole

We have no doubt that her art brings joy! With her pun-ny one-liners and sweet illustrations, her designs are a perfect way to show your cutesy side without being too, well, cutesy. Isn’t she perfect for our Valentine’s Week Artist?


If these won’t make your lovebug’s heart melt, then we can’t help you. 


Yeah. You saw it here, folks. Adorable paper cranes in the sweetest of colors. Aren’t you just so excited that you can have any one of her adorkable designs on any home decor product? Like shower curtains! Or pillows! Or clocks! Okay, we’re getting a little over excited. Leave us alone. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Shop her cute-tastic paper crane collection.



Shop “Dachshunds Tooth”

Shop “Ice Cream”

See all her beautiful art here!

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