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There’s nothing better than new memories created in the home. New experiences are lived daily and their stories are marked by the comfort and nostalgia of home base. The only way to top this, is if your home has a history of its own before you even move in! This was the case for Leigh Osborne and his partner, Graham Voce, who found a historic landmark opportunity staring them right in the face. Literally. They spotted the 1867 London water tower out of a view from their condo and the idea was born.

Being the tallest building in London when it was erected in 1867, the eight story wonder presented a challenge for the owners to create open living spaces and a completely new breath of life to the abandoned, pigeon home based memory it had become.

A mere $3.2 million dollars and 8 months later and the couple emerged with a breath-taking beauty including the original spiral staircase and a 360 degree view from the top room, aptly dubbed The Prospect Room.



Their dining room easily made it to our Daily Digs. It’s the perfect mix of modern and vintage. The couple mixed these vintage chairs with their unique DIY chandelier made out of colored wire from the hardware store and Edison bulb lights. The artwork gives a literal pop of color that sets a beautiful statement for endless dinner parties to come! How excited is it to entertain in this dinner area with what we are sure is a gorgeous view of London as a backdrop?

Read more about their home, featured in this week’s New York Times, here. 

Images and article referenced here

If this space inspires you, then you’ll love these designs from our DENY artists! You can order them in a gallery wrapped canvas (as shown below), or dress your home with the art on a shower curtain, duvet cover, clock and more!


Randi Antonsen “Sun” 

Wagner Campelo “Sanchezia 1”

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