Daily Digs | Mint Green Makes Dining Refreshing


Remember when mint was all you could ever think about in home decor? Remember when that feeling never went away? Yeah, us too. Today’s Daily Digs is oh so minty cool and refreshing.

We love the mix of natural woods and edgy metal, with touches of soft mint greens. It’s the perfect combination of modern and dainty, feminine and masculine, don’t you think? We’ll call it “mainty”. Or “femuline”. Or maybe just awesome.

Image via here

If you LOVE this space, then you’ll love these designs from our DENY artists. And remember, any design you love can be ordered on any product. Shower curtains, sheets, duvet covers, pillows, clocks and more! Your home is a blank canvas, but with over 90 DENY artists, it won’t be for long!


Jacqueline Maldonado “Radiate Teal Gold”

Wesley Bird “Locals Only”

Romi Vega “Mint Jelly”

Heather Dutton “Droplets”

Arcturus “Peacock 3”

Bianca Green “Completely Incomplete”

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