Daily Digs | Primary Colorful Kitchen

Daily Digs-Colorful-Kitchen-Art

Today’s Daily Digs comes from the work of interior design firm Design Nehez via DesiretoInspire.net. We love, love, love this colorful kitchen! Working with primary colors, the firm livened this modern space by dressing clean lined furniture with true blues, reds and yellows.

Daily Digs-Colorful-Kitchen-Art

Daily Digs-Colorful-Kitchen-Art

Check out the colorful art wall. Did you guess it is made out of bread tabs? What a great DIY upcycle project! And those Rolling Stones glasses? We’ll take a set right away please. We love a little whimsy and fun in the kitchen. It’s bright, lively and definitely a conversation starter.

Daily Digs-Colorful-Kitchen-Art

The group warmed the primary color madness with rich woods on the table, chairs and stools. And that rattan chandelier above the table gives just the right amount of depth to complete this bold look.

Images via here

If you LOVE this space, then you’ll love these designs from our DENY artists:

Daily Digs-Colorful-Kitchen-Art

Happee Monkee “Choose Happiness”

Fimbis “Cusac”

Budi Kwan “Flower Field”

Khristian A. Howell “Nolita Drops”

Heather Dutton “Undertow Coral”

Marceline Smith “Cutie Family”


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