DENY Designs Artist of the Week | mummysam

DENY Designs and Mummysam

DENY Designs welcomes a new artist! Meet mummysam

Samantha Cotterill is an illustrator/surface designer who lives and breaths patterns in her studio in upstate New York. After taking a hiatus from a successful painting career to start a family, she returned to the art world in 2007 with the launch of her company, mummysam. Since then she has been busy at work, having created a line of textiles for a well-known company and writing a book. She currently balances her life between art and family with her husband and two “cheeky” boys.

We love her whimsical patterns and colors. Her color combinations are adorably addicting and perfect for the centerpiece or inspiration piece for any room!

DENY Designs and Mummysam

Seriously, how cute are these patterns?

Shop Orange Pomegranate 

Shop Coral 3

Shop Dancing


Shop Blue and Yellow Flower

Shop Blue Flowers 1


The Knitting in Blue pattern is adorable on our modern wall clock!

Shop Flowers 4

Shop Knitting in Blue

DENY Designs and Mummysam

Shop Cars

Welcome to the DENY Artist Family mummysam!

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