Freebie Thursday! | Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Happy Holidays from DENY Designs!

Check out these beautiful holiday gift tags featuring some amazing DENY Designs artists. They’re so good that you’re gifts may never be opened!

Just print, cut, add some ribbon and enjoy!

DENY Designs | Holiday Gift Tags

Download this file: DENY Designs | Holiday Gift Tags and print on your home printer. It works best when printed on cardstock or a thicker paper.

And shop the featured artists below!

Heather Dutton // “Arboretum”

Nick Nelson // “Young Buck”

Romi Vega // “Chevron Red”

Rebekah Ginda Design // “Lovely Damask”

Karen Harris // “Citrus 4 What Forest”

Paul Ogier // “Jade”

Khristian A Howell // “Rendezvous 9”

Bianca Green // “Esodrevo”

Happy Holidays!

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