Pantone Color of the Year!

Here at DENY Designs, we love color. Like, we really heart it. And we’ve never been ones to discriminate against any color. We love them all the same. That being said, we get excited every year when Pantone® brings one of our beloved colors to spotlight. It doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore our spectrum of color favorites, but it’s nice to give one a little boost, huh?

Meet Emerald. Officially named, Emerald 17-5641, the Pantone® 2013 Color of the Year!

Here’s how some of our DENY Designs artists are using Emerald in a beautiful way:

@DENYdesigns artists use Emerald Color of the Year for the homeShop the designs here!

Geronimo Studio “Amazonia”

Wagner Campelo “Ikat Leaves”

Lisa Argyropoulos “Urban Aztec”

Raven Jumpo “Mod Fronds”

Valentina Ramos “Alexis and the Flowers”

Rosie Brown “Cool Off” (debuting soon!)

Wesley Bird “Rather Be An Outlaw”

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