Flipping Out: Giant Monkey Sculpture

So, can you guess exactly what this giant monkey sculpture is made of from the first few photos before getting to then end? We had no idea either, but were blown away by the talent of the art students who constructed this in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ready, set, guess!

And the survey says: FLIP FLOPS!

Designed for the Pixelshow 2010 this sweet sculpture was pictured lying innocently in a local park ready to amuse and entertain passersby on their daily strolls. Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman designed the structure, and the students involved in the project constructed it and appropriately named it “Fat Monkey,” just in time for Pixelshow’s 2010 conference, which showcases art with a pixelated look. Students built the monkey’s body out nearly 10,000 of flip flops because the sandals are a long-standing trademark of Brazil.

Pretty awesome! Thank you Rosie Brown for sharing this story with DENY Designs!

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