Wednesday Creative: Super Sweet Toffee Art Installation

An art installation good enough to eat?

Artist Skye Kelly is the creative mastermind behind this sugary delight that she titled ‘Creep (Stain)’. Using only an overhead fixture and sticky toffee, she lets it drip as it pleases onto the gallery floor.  Onlookers can watch as the gooey toffee makes it way from the top of the fixture down to the puddles, watching as it changes.

“The concept behind her installation is the evolving nature of the toffee as it turns from a warm liquid to toffee crystals—allowing the audience to study the constant change of its appearance and form.”

Ummm, yum? Not sure if I would be able to keep my paws off of this piece of art.


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73 thoughts on “Wednesday Creative: Super Sweet Toffee Art Installation

  1. Hmmmmm. Don’t think I’ve heard seen this kind of art. I guess you need a special kind of gallery to even display it.
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have an artist friend that will love this.
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

    1. Yeah, I’m conflicted here. On the one hand it does look cool, and I see the “artsy” potential in the designs it makes as it hardens on the floor. On the other hand, how much sugar (and food potential) has been wasted here?

  2. There is something incredible about mixing food and art. 🙂 I think that is the key of getting our kids to eat veggies. Great photography! Keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on imsocheap and commented:
    When I was a kid, I used to fantacise about swimming in a pool of golden syrup. I bet Skye Kelly had similar fantasies about toffee. Then she grew up – and actually did it.

  4. Beautiful Artistic Design without much external influence- use to love toffee when I was a kid!!

  5. I can hear in my mind the sticking sound my feet would make walking around this. I can smell it–that candy smell. Childhood dream, raining candy.

  6. If I didn’t know this was toffee I’d still be intrigued! It just looks so pretty and kind of mesmerizing when you think about the gloopy movement. I love this kind of art! It just seems so interesting to see in a gallery (and I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing art!) Despite my love for the piece though I know if I saw it in person I would want to run through it! I’d regret it afterwards but don’t tell me you wouldn’t be tempted? 😀

  7. Wild and exquisite. A few weeks back a tenant in the apt building where I live tried to make toffee–they nearly burned their kitchen down and left the building full of smoke. Tough stuff that toffee.

  8. This reminds me of the 80 year ‘pitch drop’ experiment at the University of Queensland – toffee is sweeter though, has viscosity that is speedier at room temperature, infinitely more attractive and captivating to look at/watch and even if the installation itself is not considered ‘art’ then these photographs surely are – stickily beautiful.

  9. This is amazing! I think I would have to stick my face under this to taste it! Your photos are spectacular! Thanks for sharing this type of art.

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