Too Cool: Giant Furniture

Talk about feeling itty bitty. Artist Robert Therrien created this series of over-sized furniture that measure over 10 feet tall! Robert Therrien is know to recreate everyday objects true to their original material and color, but on an enlarged scale.

Robert explains his inspiration for this series:

“The artist’s point of view – from the small world – could be viewed as a large ges­ture- publi­cally. The prac­tice is cre­at­ing some­thing both large and small. Pub­li­cally, Table and Chairs is per­ceived as a big object, where it actu­ally orig­i­nated from a small detail-a corner bracket sup­port­ing the table leg. Instead of crawl­ing under­neath and pho­tograph­ing an actual table in order to see it, why not shrink your­self and take a normal snapshot?”

This installation was on display as part of the Lifelike exhibition at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Therrien was born in Chicago in 1947; he now lives and works in Los Angeles.

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9 thoughts on “Too Cool: Giant Furniture

      1. Brian was taking photos for one of our clients, the Arts Council at it. It’s amazing! Kinda makes me wonder how it ended up here 😉

  1. This is an eye-opener – the detail in his giant replicas *applaud*
    Really puts us homo sapiens into perspective of how a larger species would looks at us and how small and vulnerable we would feel…

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