Pop Culture Icons: They’re Just Like Us

Read no further if you think your childhood visions of pop culture icons might be shattered forever, because artist Mike Mitchell takes some of the most-loved pop culture characters and puts them in ironic situations.  After all, they are “Just Like Us” right? Well that is what Mike Mitchell thinks – and we love his interpretations of what our favorite characters do when the cameras are not rolling.

In his series ‘Just Like Us’ that’s currently exhibited at Gallery 1988: Melrose till April 28th, 2012, characters—such as Magneto, Dumbo, Bambi, Ariel, Ewok, Batman, Poison Ivy and Robin—get into unique situations that make them seem more human and a bit less like the unbreakable heroes of our childhood past.

Some of these are freakin’ hilarious, look:

Too funny! To see all of Mike Mitchell’s amazingly creative designs, visit his website: http://sirmikeofmitchell.com/index.php?/ongoing/about/

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