Design Makeover: Disney Movie Posters

I’ve previously seen minimalist posters of Pixar and famous Hollywood movies, but I am absolutely loving these. When ! stumbled across these on DesignTaxi, I had to do a double-take. I was shocked to see Disney classic movies with a whole new design makeover. It almost makes me want to watch these movies again.

This time around, Liverpool-based graphic designer and artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has rendered Disney films the minimalist feel with his latest series of posters. Taking on classic Disney titles like Snow White and The Seven Dwarves,PinocchioThe Little MermaidThe Lion King and many others, his posters feature strong silhouttes and iconic graphics.

Check them out:

Pretty cool right? Which one is your fave?

images via Rowan Stocks-Moore


16 thoughts on “Design Makeover: Disney Movie Posters

  1. a really modern style. theyre more appealing. if youve heard about tho new movie snow white and the huntsman, one of your designs with an action-y twist would look awesome

  2. The Alice in Wonderland, Lion King, and Bambi posters have to be my favorites, even though I only like Lion King of those movies (I still can’t watch Bambi to this day, it makes me too upset)!

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