Devotion: In The Form of Origami Flowers

Colorful and full of meaning, ‘Devotion’ was inspired by Hinduism. “The title refers to the act of creating it itself as well as religious practices found in Hinduism, the repetitive practice of mantras and the flowers used in devotional ceremonies,” declares artist James Roper. Roper is the mastermind behind the 10,000 origami flowers displayed in this installation.

Every day for 3 years, James Roper would meticulously fold at least 10 perfect origami flowers – leaving him with 10,000. Following the completion of his folding, he arranged them neatly into different designs for display to represent the word “Devotion” – also the title of the installation. We are so utterly impressed by this! We also wonder how many paper cuts he got during his folding time.

The project as a whole is called “Devotion.” The arrangements you see below are as thus: the big target is Devotion (mandala), the sun outline is Devotion (mandala swept away), and the snake is Devotion (degree show installation).

James Roper is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and painter and paper craftsman and basically everything else you can imagine.

Kudos to you James! This is amazing!

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