Push Here For Pizza

Pizza lovers rejoice! A restaurant in Dubai called Red Tomato Italian has created the ultimate device for pizza lovers—a refrigerator magnet that lets you order a pizza simply by pushing a button.  Called the ‘VIP (Very Important Pizza lovers) refrigerator magnet’, it is a pizza box-shaped magnet with a ‘Push for Hunger’ button in the middle.

Simply by pressing the button, an order for a preset pizza meal will be sent to the restaurant via your smartphone’s bluetooth.  Soon after, the pizza will be delivered to your doorstep—no calls required! Users can choose their preset orders on the company’s website beforehand, and then just push when hungry-(which may be dangerous for those midnight snackers).

The instinctive nature of the magnet—seeing that most people would check their refrigerator first when they get hungry—and the downright convenience will surely appeal to many, just don’t let the kids in on the secret.

Due to overwhelming popularity, if you’re in Dubai and wish to order one now, an automated response from the company says you’ll have to wait: “Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received, we regret to inform you that our first collection of magnets have already found homes across Dubai. We value loyal customers like you, so please stay tuned for more VIP Fridge Magnets to come!”

ia DesignTaxi

6 thoughts on “Push Here For Pizza

  1. It may not be too long before Pizza Hut hears about this…hehe. I will own that button for sure! Pretty soon, in a few years, our entire fridges will be covered in buttons of all the popular places. Great post!

  2. Maybe the trend may grow in certain places like New York City where many residents like to get takeout. It would be fun to see a slew of magnets each corresponding to a certain takeout joint.

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