DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Brandon Dover

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Brandon Dover. New to the DENY Designs family this year, Brandon’s unique style of work definitely stands out in the crowd. We are loving his almost architectural approach to designs and of course, the colors. We are thrilled to have Brandon on board, because his work is something completely different, and truly wonderful.

Check out more about Brandon, his inspiration and some of his work on DENY Designs products:


Brandon Dover (b. April 9, 1992) was born and raised in the dusty California High Desert. He currently lives in the town of Apple Valley and is studying graphic design at California State University SanBernardino. His interest in drawing first started when in elementary school as he noticed his older brother Chris doodling humorous cartoon characters at home, and of course he started trying it out for himself.

His love for more abstract and detailed art started though while in the eighth-grade when he noticed one of his older peers drawing a very whimsical and “mind-blowing” doodle on his math notes that took over the whole page. His love for the arts continued further in high school when enrolled in a screen-printing class he discovered that he could actually put his artwork on t-shirts!

Since then he has discovered and participated on various t-shirt design and artist websites such as Threadless and Society6 that have benefited him greatly with their large and supportive artist communities. Still very young and excited about living a life of art and design Brandon hopes to add something to this world of amazing artists and possibly impact a few people for the better in the process.

To see all of Brandon’s work on DENY Designs products, visit:


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