Happy Friday: Terrifying Images Of Dogs Diving Underwater

At DENY Designs we are always on the prowl for new unique artists and photographers to add to our family.  While on our latest search on the world wide web, we across the very “terrifying and bewitching” work of photographer, Seth Casteel. Casteel is a Los Angeles-based pet photographer and owner of Little Friends Pet Photography.  A majority of Casteel’s work is cute and cuddly, but he can also make your best friend look like your worst enemy with his recently-discovered way of photographing dogs diving underwater – which is what really caught our eye.

Casteel first started shooting dogs underwater only about 18 months ago when he was asked to do a portrait of a King Charles spaniel who wouldn’t stay out of his owner’s pool.  Now he has created a way to snap a photo of your dog with the look of determination and intensity as it fetches objects from the pool. Using a snorkel mask and sinking chew toys, Casteel holds his breath for 90 seconds and sits at the bottom of the pool to wait for the right moment.

“The near-weightless conditions, coupled with the drag of the water, do odd things to a dog. Lips go flying. Fur and ears lie flat. Eyelids are peeled back. Most of all, they reveal the intense determination that dogs bring to having fun.” The result: a terrifying, hilarious and “bewitching” photo of your best friend.

Since last week when a selection of images went viral, Casteel has been getting calls from all over the world requesting his underwater doggy diving photo services -and we can’t say that we are surprised. We think his photos would look fabulous on DENY Designs shower curtains and duvet covers, right?

Source: Business Insider

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