Love It or Hate It? DENY Designs Throw Pillows

Our new obsession: throw pillows. We want to know if you love them as much as we do, especially if they were to feature DENY Designs artists’ artwork on them.  Would you grab one for your own home?

We are asking for your help with a quick survey, because without you we would be lost.  Plus, we will email you a 20% off coupon code if/when DENY Designs launches the new collection of throw pillows just for filling out the extremely short form here:

So check out what we were thinking, we love them. Do you?




5 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It? DENY Designs Throw Pillows

  1. Yes!!! I have checked several times on your website to see if you have added throw pillows. I also keep checking to see if any of Renie Britenbucher’s diva images appear on a shower curtain. Still loving my Bling Box. Thanks so much

  2. Yes! Throw pillows are the easiest, most affordable way to refresh the look of a room when you need a change. I’m always looking for new throw pillows for my living room and bedrooms. I would love to have this option for custom pillows available!

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