DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Conor O’Donnell

The DENY Designs Artist of The Week this week is Conor O’Donnell.  Conor’s “Tree Study” collection has been some of the most popular with DENY Designs customers. His use of shadow, light, color and mystery makes his work so unique.

What Conor says about his work: “There is a significant physical and tactile approach to developing my work. I am interested in the application of paint and other media – an experiment in cause and effect. I seek to balance serendipitous moments and times of control. I align my work with formalist rather than structuralist thought, visual over vocal. One form of inspiration lies in the spirituality behind the works of George Inness and the industrious use of materials by Antoni Tapies. My work is attentive to shadow, light, color, mystery, imagination, poetry, detail, memory, and layers of translucence. ”


Check out more of Conor O’Donnell’s work on his own website: and to see more of his work on DENY Designs products visit his page here:

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