Button Up: Incredible Art Installations Made From Buttons

Mastermind behind these amazing button installations? Artist Augusto Esquivel. Using only buttons, paint and string, August Esquivel has the ability to create just about anything – from bicycles to toilets to musical instruments – and they look absolutely stunning!

Augusto says, “I am often obsessed with comparisons of reality and potential and the balance between them, in art: the idea of chaos in perfect order: an object seemingly solid to the eye can also be fragile and inconsistent to the touch; a common object used to create a piece of art becomes transformed into something complicated and intriguing.”

“I realize how insignificant and small a simple sewing button can be as it lays in my grandmother’s sewing box, but at the same time how unique and precious it can become as part of a work of art. Like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and shapes the whole. I hold the button to my ear and it whispers to me, “I want to be…..”

He has the ability to even make us call a toilet “beautiful” – that is true talent.

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