Solar powered light art!



Seattle artist dan corson made this super funky and whimsical interactive solar powered artwork! Part of the Seattle City’s lights green up movement, this sculpture consists of 5 gigantic sunflower solar powered structures that illuminated in LED lighting at night. But wait! It gets even cooler (or should we say hotter?)

“sensors located in each flower are triggered by people’s movement, as the 40’ high by 20’ wide super-sized flowers set off a chorus of interactive harmonic tones. each flower has its own distinctive set of notes, simulating a singing chorus. engaging the public it is possible to compose and conduct music together, or just by walking through to randomly set off a harmonic sequence. the interactive choral sound component works both day and night providing a dynamic and ever-changing sonic landscape.”

We love interactive art!




This is what 250,000 bouncy balls looks like.



Well nothing just about makes us happier than a bouncy balls. They are playful, colorful and always put a smile on our faces. So, when we discovered that SONY recently released 250,000 bouncy balls on a random street in San Francisco…well, let’s say naturally we were excited.




A rainbow thread pedestrian bridge!








How cool is this street art installation? Artist HOTTEA transformed the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC last week into this wonderfully colorful pick-me-up. The whole installation took about 11 hours of the artist hand-tying 2,000 strands of thread!


hottea-6 hottea-1



Haunted art gallery? Yes please.

haunted-3Though dubbed “just for kids”, the Torafu’s Haunted Art Gallery For Kids at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art sounds right up our alley. How fun would it be to interact with head-turning paintings in front of secret passageways?

haunted-8 haunted-1