Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!

Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!


YAY! For all the hard work you do everyday, we’re rewarding you with FREE SHIPPING through Monday for all order to U.S., Canada, and U.K.! (Excludes DENY Cash and Sheet Sets., Ground shipping only.)

Forget about silly rules and reward yourself with burst and bunches of color in every corner of your home! With over 100 artists and 5,000+ designs to choose from, your home with never have a dull moment. Get started with these three amazing designs, featured below. Happy weekend ya’all!



Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday! Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday! Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!


Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

This Just InThis Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beatThis just in! Four new DENY artists that will make your heart skip a beat. See all of their swoon worthy designs!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Full of colorful patterned beauty, Mary Beth Freet will have your home looking full of life in no time.

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Soothing colors and pattern that’s full of life. Loni Harris has us dreaming in pastel tribal.

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Owl cuteness and watercolored bliss. How can you not fall in love with Betsy Olmsted?

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Boom, pow! In your face, juicy color. Andrea Victoria has sunny, citrus coming atcha from all angles and patterns galore!

See her full collection!

DENY By Color

DENY by Color

It’s no secret that we LOVE color. In fact, we’ve never met a color we didn’t like!

Adding color into your everyday life is the quickest way to put smile on your face. Whether it’s on the bed you sleep, the shower you start your morning with or the clock you look at while creating throughout the day, we’ve got you covered in any possible color and art that you can dream up!

See your favorite DENY pieces in color families that will catch your eye below!

DENY by Color

Bold. Fierce. Classic and familiar. Adding red to your space is an excellent statement to how great you really are at life.

Shop the Red Collection!

DENY by Color

Vivacious and cheery. No wonder everyone wants to be around you, you orange-lover you!

Shop the Orange Collection!

DENY by Color

The ultimate color to brighten your life. Inspired by the sun and all things happy, yellow is sure to make your day, everyday.

Shop the Yellow Collection!

DENY by Color

Elegant, calming but never dull. Green lovers make the world go round in the prettiest of ways.

Shop the Green Collection!

DENY by Color

Too cool for school they say. Cool blue adds in a beautiful depth and level-headed calm in your space.

Shop the Blue Collection!

DENY by Color

You rich gem, you. Purple lovers are regal, rich in spirit and oh-so-breathtaking.

Shop the Purple Collection!

DENY by Color

Cotton candy and pink hues unite! Fun, playful and life of the party are a few things that come to mind when thinking of the iconic pink. Make a statement with your fearless love of all things pink.

Shop the Pink Collection!


Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

Graduation Gift Guide

It’s just about that time of year! Show the coolest, most creative, freshest, radest, funest grad in your life how much they mean to you with a stylin’ gift of congratulations. We’ve put together a fool-proof gift guide full of ideas to get your grad excited about their next chapter of life. Throw pillows, duvets and sheet sets are the perfect gift for a high school graduate that’s preparing for their upcoming college adventure! Imagine them cozying up in the coolest, most colorful throw blanket on their dorm hall making everyone oh-so-jealous.

Or how about one our new clocks, mirrors and magnet boards? They are perfect for adding that statement of personality to proclaim to the world, “I did it!” Whatever you decide, we have over 100 artists and over 3,000 designs to choose from that will make graduates of all personalities yelp for joy!

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

LA WHITE by CityFabric, Inc. Throw Pillow

YOU ROCK by Heather Dutton Throw Pillow

SEIZE THE DAZE by Wesley Bird Quatrefoil Clock

ESODREVO by Bianca Green Sheet Set

TEXPAN by Fimbis Duvet Cover (pillows sold separately)

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

WILD MAGIC by Kris Tate Magnet Board

AERIAL DISPLAY by Budi Kwan Throw Pillow

BE SPECTRUM 1 by Kal Barteski Throw Pillow


STAR POWER by CMYKaren Baroque Mirror

SO FRESH SO CLEAN by Leah Flores Shower Curtain

Congratulations Grads!

Shop the Graduation Gift Guide Collection!


Bar Cart Inspiration

Bar Cart Inspiration

The bar cart trend is back and shaking things up. There’s nothing more impressive than entertaining with a polished, styled bar cart perfectly placed in your living room. Old Fashioned, you say? No problem, you have all the ingredients to whip up a perfectly poured cocktail. Hostess with the mostess. Or, channel your inner Mad Men executive and pour yourself a glass of bourbon from a crystal decanter after a long day at work. SO chic.

The Cart

There are tons of ways to incorporate a bar cart into your living space. But first, you need the cart! We’ve rounded up a few of our favs.

Bar Carts

here// here// here// here//

We love these finds from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Matthew Izzo and CB2. But, don’t forget to browse local vintage shops and Craigslist for great finds as well. One of our DENY own found hers on Craigslist for a steal at $40! Don’t you just love the industrial cart feel to it? She left it as is and styled accessories on top of its rustic charm.

Bar Cart Inspiration

The Goods

Now, that you have a cart selected, the fun begins! Add in your style and charm and make it your own. Support your local distilleries and buy local liquors at the store. They usually have the most charm to their packaging (style points!) and the liquor is top notch.

Bar Cart Inspiration

here// here// here// here//

If you’re not a drinker, you could always put together a seasonal bar cart with a hot chocolate station in the winter or a coffee and tea selection all year round!

Bar Cart Inspiration

here //

The Accessories

It’s helpful to have the essential barware like a cocktail shaker, tool set and ice bucket. Trays go a long way in helping to reduce clutter by organizing clusters of goods on one shelf. It’s important to vary the height of the elements on each shelf. Add in a vase with flowers or stack of cocktail recipe books horizontally to add more dimension. It’s also fun to add groups of the same element for interest. Put a group of Pellegrino bottles together or vintage-inspired soda bottles.

Check out vintage stores for decanters and glassware. They really add a unique touch!

Bar Cart Inspiration

here // here // here // 

Add some personality

Add in some quirkiness to make it match the rest of your home. Love mint green M&M’s? Put out a colorful bowl full of them and place them on the cart. Have a thing for colorful paper straws? Arrange them in a mason jar for a pop of color. Browse vintage and thrift stores for unique accents and jars to add a one-of-a-kind charm.

Bar Cart Styling

here //

Bar Cart Inspiration

here //

Bar Cart Inspiration

here //

Bar Cart Inspiration

here //

Bar Cart Styling

here //

Bar Cart Inspiration

here //

And remember to send us your photos of your newly styled grown up beverage cart.


DENY Designs + Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, style

If there’s one thing you can count on for Paris, it’s fashion. And boy, oh boy, are the patterns, colors and textures out and about for Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013! What more is there to love during Fashion Week than the inspirational street style snaps? We can’t get enough of the eclectic mix of creativity worn on some of fashions best of the best. So how about bringing some of that style-charged expression into your home?

We couldn’t think of a better way to inspire some new DENY Designs’ combinations. The options are endless if you love a design. Order it as a throw pillow, a duvet, a shower curtain and so much more! Enjoy these top street style looks and the DENY Designs artists who perfectly reflect them.

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:

MAZE OF COLORS by Madart, Inc.


GEOMETRIC 3 by Wagner Campelo

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:


SCAVENGER by Brandon Dover

QUATREFOIL by Arcturus

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:

LE TOUR EIFFEL by Khristian A. Howell

FOREVER by Wesley Bird

CHEVRON RED by Romi Vega

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:

PERFECT DAY by Deb Haugen


BE YOUR OWN HERO by Happee Monkee

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:

SAMEENA RED by Sabine Reinhart



paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:


TRIANGULUM by Heather Dutton

DAMASK 2 by Wagner Campelo

Keep the creativity up fashion mavens! Très bien!

Colors: What Do They All Mean?

ROYGBIV. Black, gray, white, red, yellow, green, purple and brown—some of your favorite colors, and the colors of your clothes. But who knew that those same colors also signal what kind of person you are, according to online retailer Starfashion.

To help you bring across the personality that you’d like to for various occasions, Starfashion created an infographic ‘Meaning of Colors’ to help you narrow down what colors you should and maybe should not wear.

So what do you think – will you be following these tips to guide your future wardrobe choices?

via Starfashion

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Valentina Ramos

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Valentina Ramos.  Her bright and playful artworks have been a consistent hit with DENY Designs fans – we love working with her!

About Valentina Ramos:

“After 15 years working as a graphic designer, Valentina Ramos started to create other arts and crafts. From these creations, Valentina Design was born: her world of fantasies and dreams; where her uplifting drawings and designs took shape.”

“In her Miami studio, this Venezuelan artist spent countless happy hours playing with her paints and her Rapidograph Pens. She enjoys working with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings. Her love for artworks with little intricate details are a signature of her own drawing style.”


To see all of Valentina Ramos‘ artwork on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page here:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Jacqueline Maldonado

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Jacqueline Maldonado. Jacqueline joined the DENY Designs team in early 2012, and we are so happy to have her! We were drawn immediately to Jacqueline’s vibrant (an incredibly unique) designs. As the year moves on, she is constantly surprising our team with new artworks – making her profile truly standout in the art community!

More about Jacqueline Maldonado:

Jacqueline Maldonado is a New York City native currently residing in Southern California. She spent most of her adult career in various facets of the fashion industry, all the while nurturing her artistic talent through higher education in visual art and developing a discipline in her artistic practice. In her recent move across the country, Jacqueline took a leap of faith to pursue her art as a full-time endeavor. Equipped with sharp focus, ambition, determination, resourcefulness and innate talent, in a very short time, she is beginning to see success as a professional artist. She sells her works as prints and originals and also partners with several retailers and manufacturers who print her work on various products. She is proud to be partnering now with DENY Designs!”

Jacqueline Maldonado The Red Sea Modern Clock

“Jacqueline works in a variety of media and explores many styles and modes of artistic expression; including but not limited to: watercolor, oil pastel, photography, digital imaging, graphic design, textile and surface design. Often, she combines several of these media, inventing unique and modern forms of art. She creates compositions derived from many sources and amalgamations of inspiration: imagination, emotion, nature, memory, and music. When asked to comment on her work, Jacqueline states, “I think about what can be communicated through line, form, tone, composition and the relationship of these elements to each other. I aim to create imaginative work; work that holds mystery, work that is poetic, and work that is luminous with color.”

Check out some of her fabulous designs on DENY Designs products: 

To see all of Jacqueline Maldonado’s amazing art on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page here:

Hilarious Fingerprint Portraits by Artist Dito Von Tease

Recognize any of these fingerprints? Well you should thanks to the elusive Italian artist known only as Dito Von Tease.

Dito has embarked on a project called Ditology that features eerily familiar portraits of celebrities on the ordinary human finger. The faces produced on each solo finger range from the well-known public personality (Steve Jobs) and political figure (Che Guevara) to the fictional icon (Mr. T) and religious guru (Dalai Lama). There is no person that is off limits in this lighthearted, comical series. Every “person” in the presented portraits is intricately adorned, costumed, and given an appropriate backdrop.

In addition to the ongoing project’s humorous nature, the artist behind the work adds another level of playfulness through his entirely appropriate chosen name “Dito” that translates as “finger” in Italian, which would also mean that Ditology translates as Fingerology. What’s perhaps most ironic in all of this is that we often use fingerprints to identify people, yet Dito Von Tease has managed to retain some anonymity by only exposing his fingerprints.


images via

Friday Bright: Amazingly Colorful Art Installations Made with Thread

It is truly incredible how something so basic like a piece of colored thread can be turned into a glorious masterpiece. Artist Gabriel Dawe does just that. Originally from Mexico-city, the Dallas-based artist has been continually creating these jaw-dropping installations that pop up places around the work like Belgium, Canada, Barcelona and the UK.

Gabriel Dawe creates site-specific installations that explore the connection between fashion and architecture, and how they relate to the human need for shelter in all its shapes and forms. “His work is centered in the exploration of textiles, aiming to examine the complicated construction of gender and identity in his native Mexico and attempting to subvert the notions of masculinity and machismo prevalent in the present day.”

All we can say is WOW.


images via

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Leah Flores

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Leah Flores. Leah is new to the DENY Designs team this past month and her unique photography/typography-esque style is one that we have fallen in love with – we are sure you will too!

About Leah Flores:

Leah Flores is a Portland-based artist who brings together her love of photography and illustration to create adventuresome designs. Born in the Pacific Northwest on Leap Year Day 1988, Leah is a first-generation American with Costa Rican and Scottish roots. In her work you will find mountains, forests, and wildflowers woven with hand-lettered evocations to go explore the natural world.

Don’t you love these?!

To see all of Leah Flores designs on DENY products, visit her page here:

Surf’s Up: Amazing Wave Photography

Surf’s up! At least for Hawaiian-based photographer Kenji Croman it is. Kenji Croman is the mastermind behind these amazing photos of waves seen in ways that most of us can only dream of.

Not only a master of his trade – his work has been featured on CNN Travel and the cover’s of various surfing magazine – but also extremely passionate about showing the world his point of view in the water through his work.

He says “The reason why I enjoy photographing the artistic wave from my point of view is because it’s so hard to describe what i see when I’m in the water. For years before I got into wave photos, I would be bodysurfing these beautiful perfect waves in the morning, the colors would be amazing and I wanted to share it with others. No one in their right mind would wake up at 4:30am to watch the sunrise, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be in the water experiencing what I am. So with my background in photography, and many, many years of practicing, I learned the art of wave photography.”

Do these make you want to go to the beach too?


images via

Typography Thursday: Artist Creates Typeface From Bubble Wrap

If you are anything like us, the second you get your hands on a piece of bubble wrap, it’s a goner. Not sure if there has ever in the history of our office been a piece of bubble wrap that entered without being squeezed. This is precisely why we are so impressed by artist Lo Siento. 

The Barcelona-based artist is the mastermind behind creating some lovely typeface designs using only bubble wrap, colored dye and a syringe. Lo Siento carefully injects each bubble to create a gorgeous 4-D typeface that can be seen from any angle.

“[Each typography] is always inspired by a study of the grid,” Lo Siento said. “Each existing grid can hide a typographic character and thus, an alphabet.” In other words, rules were meant to be broken. And then rewritten in bubble wrap and food coloring.

Check it out:


images via

Duvet Tuesday: DENY Designs Duvet Cover Giveaway

Yep. We know it has been awhile, but it is back! It is time for our favorite day of the week (except Friday) – DUVET TUESDAY!

We want to give anyone and everyone who participates the chance to win their very own DENY Designs Duvet Cover.  Nothing beats curling up under the covers after a long day. And what better way to unwind than to surround yourself with gorgeous, fantastical artwork? Turn your basic, boring down comforter into the super stylish focal point of your bedroom – one that your friends and family will surely be jealous of.

We think that’s pretty rad, it’s a $190 value!  Plus, who doesn’t want to snuggle up in something that is free?


It’s pretty simple, to enter, just follow DENY Designs on both Facebook and Twitter and then fill out this very, very short form (you only have to enter your name, email, your fave DENY Designs artist and why you really want a duvet) to be entered to win a DENY Designs duvet cover:

We will announce the winner next Tuesday, September 25th on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck, and keep on designing!


Brilliant Color: RGB Colorspace Atlas

Color lovers rejoice!

New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach has beautifully created an 8 x 8 x 8-inch hard-back cube atlas that effectively documents every variation of RGB color possible!

Named the RGB Colorspace Atlas, the book is a digital offset print on paper with airbrushed cloth cover and book edges create a colorful reference volume of all the colors in existence. The special binding was co-designed by the artist herself in collaboration with daniel e. kelm, and were printed at Wide Awake Garage, an independent bookbinder, with help from Leah Hughes.

Pretty gorgeous right?


images via

Daydreaming: Aerial Photos of Beaches From Around The World

I need a vacation! The talented photographer Gray Malin is the creative genius behind this series of breath-taking aerial photos of beaches around the world.

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

In his incredible ongoing series titled À la Plage, À la Piscine, Gray shoots from doorless helicopters, capturing life on the beaches below. His project has taken him around the world and the results are simply stunning. From such heights, people and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss, leaving us daydreaming of a beach, a towel and some sun.

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia


Coogee Beach – Sydney, Australia

East Hampton, New York

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Malibu, California

Marouba Bay – Sydney, Australia

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

Montauk Beach – East Hampton, New York

Nude Beach

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Sagaponack Beach – Bridgehampton, New York

Santa Monica, California

St. Tropez, France

St. Tropez, France

Tiki Umbrellas

Be sure to check out: for the complete gallery of this wonderful series.

Happy Daydreaming!

images via

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Happee Monkee

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Happee Monkee. New to the DENY Designs team last month, Happee Monkee’s photography designs are already a hit among DENY fans. Her use of scrabble pieces in her work create a way to bring a bright and happy message into your home that we love!

About Happee Monkee:

“As a young child, I was a little trigger monster. I played with my dad’s old film camera and loved how it magically immortalizes time. After years of snappy happy shots, I’ve learned to compose my photographs and play with light to produce desirable results. Many of Happee Monkee’s photos are from my travels around extraordinary places in the world. I am so fortunate to have been to Japan, Paris, Sweden, Moscow, London, Venice and many other amazing countries. I’ve previously worked in a publishing house, as a stylist and travel writer.”

To see all of Happee Monkee’s designs on DENY products, visit her artist profile page here: