Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!

Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!


YAY! For all the hard work you do everyday, we’re rewarding you with FREE SHIPPING through Monday for all order to U.S., Canada, and U.K.! (Excludes DENY Cash and Sheet Sets., Ground shipping only.)

Forget about silly rules and reward yourself with burst and bunches of color in every corner of your home! With over 100 artists and 5,000+ designs to choose from, your home with never have a dull moment. Get started with these three amazing designs, featured below. Happy weekend ya’all!



Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday! Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday! Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!


Free Shipping to U.S., Canada and U.K. Through Monday!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

This Just InThis Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beatThis just in! Four new DENY artists that will make your heart skip a beat. See all of their swoon worthy designs!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Full of colorful patterned beauty, Mary Beth Freet will have your home looking full of life in no time.

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Soothing colors and pattern that’s full of life. Loni Harris has us dreaming in pastel tribal.

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Owl cuteness and watercolored bliss. How can you not fall in love with Betsy Olmsted?

See her full collection!

This Just In! | Four new DENY Artists to make your heart skip a beat

Boom, pow! In your face, juicy color. Andrea Victoria has sunny, citrus coming atcha from all angles and patterns galore!

See her full collection!

Decorate with Pride. | Take 40% off our entire Wall Collection!

Decorate with Pride. Take 40% off our entire Wall Collection through Sun!


Show your pride for your freedom to express your creativity! We’re giving everyone 40% off our entire wall collection through Sunday! We ain’t kiddin’.

And did you know our wall collection is Made in the USA, just for you? Yes, we lovingly building each Blingbox, each clock, mirror and magnet board with our very own hands, right here in Denver, CO.

And with 4,500+ designs to make your white walls come alive with fun, there’s no excuse not to make your statement in your home!

40% off icludes:

- Blingboxes. DENY’s signature piece that started all the fun. The perfectly unique and creative hanging jewelry armoir that looks like a piece of art on the wall when closed, but then opens up to your world of jewelry in organized fun!

- Clocks. Three different sizes and two super fun shapes. Make a statement anywhere in your home with these super color additions. The sale also includes our classic clock shapes in both modern and custom.  It’s about time!

- Mirrors. Who’s the prettiest on the wall? These mirrors of course! Pick your poison (or piece of art) and then choose one of our cool distinct shapes in any of three sizes.

- Magnet Boards. Who’s says workin’ for the weekend can’t be fun? Well, at least your organizing will be as colorful as ever with these awesome Magnet Boards. Three different sizes and two stylistic shapes. Fun for everyone!

Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Wall Art: You’re a classic lover of art so why not have the option to adorn your walls how you want? Pick any art and your size of canvas or wall art and voila! Artistic perfection.

Use discount code: madeintheusa40


DENY By Color

DENY by Color

It’s no secret that we LOVE color. In fact, we’ve never met a color we didn’t like!

Adding color into your everyday life is the quickest way to put smile on your face. Whether it’s on the bed you sleep, the shower you start your morning with or the clock you look at while creating throughout the day, we’ve got you covered in any possible color and art that you can dream up!

See your favorite DENY pieces in color families that will catch your eye below!

DENY by Color

Bold. Fierce. Classic and familiar. Adding red to your space is an excellent statement to how great you really are at life.

Shop the Red Collection!

DENY by Color

Vivacious and cheery. No wonder everyone wants to be around you, you orange-lover you!

Shop the Orange Collection!

DENY by Color

The ultimate color to brighten your life. Inspired by the sun and all things happy, yellow is sure to make your day, everyday.

Shop the Yellow Collection!

DENY by Color

Elegant, calming but never dull. Green lovers make the world go round in the prettiest of ways.

Shop the Green Collection!

DENY by Color

Too cool for school they say. Cool blue adds in a beautiful depth and level-headed calm in your space.

Shop the Blue Collection!

DENY by Color

You rich gem, you. Purple lovers are regal, rich in spirit and oh-so-breathtaking.

Shop the Purple Collection!

DENY by Color

Cotton candy and pink hues unite! Fun, playful and life of the party are a few things that come to mind when thinking of the iconic pink. Make a statement with your fearless love of all things pink.

Shop the Pink Collection!


Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

Graduation Gift Guide

It’s just about that time of year! Show the coolest, most creative, freshest, radest, funest grad in your life how much they mean to you with a stylin’ gift of congratulations. We’ve put together a fool-proof gift guide full of ideas to get your grad excited about their next chapter of life. Throw pillows, duvets and sheet sets are the perfect gift for a high school graduate that’s preparing for their upcoming college adventure! Imagine them cozying up in the coolest, most colorful throw blanket on their dorm hall making everyone oh-so-jealous.

Or how about one our new clocks, mirrors and magnet boards? They are perfect for adding that statement of personality to proclaim to the world, “I did it!” Whatever you decide, we have over 100 artists and over 3,000 designs to choose from that will make graduates of all personalities yelp for joy!

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

LA WHITE by CityFabric, Inc. Throw Pillow

YOU ROCK by Heather Dutton Throw Pillow

SEIZE THE DAZE by Wesley Bird Quatrefoil Clock

ESODREVO by Bianca Green Sheet Set

TEXPAN by Fimbis Duvet Cover (pillows sold separately)

Graduation Gift Guide 2013!

WILD MAGIC by Kris Tate Magnet Board

AERIAL DISPLAY by Budi Kwan Throw Pillow

BE SPECTRUM 1 by Kal Barteski Throw Pillow


STAR POWER by CMYKaren Baroque Mirror

SO FRESH SO CLEAN by Leah Flores Shower Curtain

Congratulations Grads!

Shop the Graduation Gift Guide Collection!


The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Get excited for the prettiest mirrors, clocks and magnet boards you’ve ever seen. Most loved for the beautiful statement they make in any room, the new DENY Wall Collection uses chic layered engineered wood covered in beautifully dyed metal in the artwork of your choosing. Featured in two distinct styles, quatrefoil and baroque, and three sizes (small, medium, and statement-making large), your walls will be the belle of the ball again.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

And true to the DENY way, you can get any mirror, clock or magnet board printed with any one of our DENY Artists’ 3,000+ designs! When you’re ready to order, we custom print the product and assemble it just for you. We’ll send it off to you with love and congrats for being an art collector of your own home.

And to introduce our new line, we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Yeah, yeah, we love you, so what. Here’s how to enter:

1. Like us on our Facebook page if you haven’t already. (Don’t worry, we only post the coolest stuff)

2. Go to DENY Designs and find your favorite piece from the new wall collection. Team Quatrefoil or Team Baroque? Clock, Mirror, Magnet Board? Then pick your favorite artist and design.

3. Once you pick your favorite piece, tell us what it is and where you would use it in your home  in a comment below.

The best answer will be voted on by our office and the winner will get a LARGE size of their selected piece! Contest closes Monday, March 11th at 12pm EST.

Now the only question left is, which team are you, Team Baroque or Team Quatrefoil?To help give you a head start on picking your favorite, we’ve highlighted some awesome combinations below!

Team Baroque

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

Are you on Team Baroque? Let’s find out if this sounds like you:

  • When you get dressed up to go out, you call it “peacockin.”
  • Over-accessorizing is not in your vocabulary.
  • You’re the life of the party and smiling is your favorite.
  • If you had the choice between owning a deserted island or unlimited clothes, you’d be one well dressed human.

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

Team Quatrefoil

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

How about Team Quatrefoil? Let’s find out if this rings a bell:

  • You’re middle name is “class” and you know how to use it.
  • Your home is laid back, clean-lined, but not lacking color.
  • You’re the most lovable at any party.
  • You’re poised, calm and ready to take on the world.

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

The New DENY Wall Collection

The New DENY Wall Collection & A Giveaway!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/

Now what are you waiting for?

The new DENY Wall Collection comes in three amazing sizes:

Small: Perfect for livening up your office space or getting a head start on decorating your dorm room!

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Medium: Not too big, not too small, but always makes a statement.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Large: For the folks who live by the motto Go big or go home. This size is a color-radiating anchor to set off any room right. Go ahead, make the Jones’ jealous.

Clocks. Mirrors. Magnet Boards. Your walls will thank us.

Stop dilly dallying. Go pick out your favorite and let us know!

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Valentina Ramos

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Valentina Ramos.  Her bright and playful artworks have been a consistent hit with DENY Designs fans – we love working with her!

About Valentina Ramos:

“After 15 years working as a graphic designer, Valentina Ramos started to create other arts and crafts. From these creations, Valentina Design was born: her world of fantasies and dreams; where her uplifting drawings and designs took shape.”

“In her Miami studio, this Venezuelan artist spent countless happy hours playing with her paints and her Rapidograph Pens. She enjoys working with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings. Her love for artworks with little intricate details are a signature of her own drawing style.”


To see all of Valentina Ramos‘ artwork on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page here:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Happee Monkee

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Happee Monkee. New to the DENY Designs team last month, Happee Monkee’s photography designs are already a hit among DENY fans. Her use of scrabble pieces in her work create a way to bring a bright and happy message into your home that we love!

About Happee Monkee:

“As a young child, I was a little trigger monster. I played with my dad’s old film camera and loved how it magically immortalizes time. After years of snappy happy shots, I’ve learned to compose my photographs and play with light to produce desirable results. Many of Happee Monkee’s photos are from my travels around extraordinary places in the world. I am so fortunate to have been to Japan, Paris, Sweden, Moscow, London, Venice and many other amazing countries. I’ve previously worked in a publishing house, as a stylist and travel writer.”

To see all of Happee Monkee’s designs on DENY products, visit her artist profile page here:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Khristian A. Howell

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Khristian Howell.  Khristian is known for her bright and extremely unique color and pattern designs – which we are constantly falling more and more in love with!

About Khristian A Howell:

“I am a color and pattern expert and I create artwork for a range of licensed products including fabrics, stationery, wallcoverings, and more.  More importantly I am embarking on a color revolution. I believe in living a life uncommon. I am certain that exploration, listening, and hope can teach us new things about ourselves and each other.  It is this passion for travel and living a life inspired that I hope is evident in all my work. I am positive one person can teach the world one honest footstep at at time. I deeply believe in living a life that is colorful, balanced, and inspired. If you believe in the magic of truly inspired design, let’s make something beautiful – together.”

“I have been very lucky to work with a list of amazing and varied clients including Better Homes and Gardens, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Tiny Prints, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Eddie Bauer, REI, Anthology Fabrics, Shutterfly, and more. I also love working with small business like Hey Baby Studio and Olive + Oliver who trust me with their budding branding concepts.  Big news! I am now available to work with private clients! Let’s collaborate and make your space a place you will adore.”

Check out some of Khristian Howell’s fab designs on DENY products:

To shop all of Khristian Howell’s designs at DENY, visit:

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Accessorize: Back To School In Style

School’s in session! Maybe not your favorite time of year, but if you have to go back, at least bring along some super fun accessories! We’ve run across so many great items that might make Summer ending a little less sad and doing schoolwork a little more exciting.

Here are our top 10 fave Back To School accessories we think you’ll love as much as we do:

1.  Guess Who Framed Wall Art:  $19
2. Grassy Charging Station:  $22
3. LCD Alarm Clock:  $10.99
4. Electronic Goldfish in Bowl:  $14.99
5. Dog Balloon Lamp:  $25
6. DENY Designs Nicole Martinez ‘Beaker” Throw Pillow:  $39
7. Face Mug:  $18
8. Ollie Owl Bookends:  $16
9. Honey Badger Floor Mat:  $50
10. USB Mini-Fridge:  $19.95

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Casey Rogers

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Casey Rogers! 

Casey Rogers is new to the DENY Designs team and just like us, she is a true animal lover with a great sense of humor. We can’t help but to fall in love with her funny, cute and cuddly animal art (especially the design “Puglet”).

About Casey Rodgers:

My name is Casey Rogers- I am an illustrator from a little town called Stroud in the UK. I graduated from Loughborough university with a BA Hons in printed textiles.

I love to draw all things furry, feathery and fluffy, hopefully with a sense of humour and a unique style. I have had a lifelong fascination with animals of all different shapes and sizes and love to draw their beautiful little faces. I hope I bring a sense of fun and interest to the subject matter.

To see all of Casey Rodgers artwork on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page at:


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Madart, Inc.

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week this week is Madart, Inc.

Madart Inc Winter Sparkle Throw Pillow

Madart, Inc. has been with the DENY Designs family from the very beginning.  We were immediately drawn to her incredible use of color and the unique way her designs have the ability to lighten up any space. Her incredible portfolio is expanding – almost on a weekly basis, providing DENY Designs with a never-ending array of amazing artworks!

About Madart, Inc.:

I am a self taught contemporary artist, living out my dream of being able to create beautiful art as a profession As long as I can remember I have been drawn to art and have always had a pencil or brush in hand.

I draw my inspiration from nature and everyday subjects around me. Living in one of the most remote places on the planet, the Bush of Alaska, as well as tropical paradise, Hawaii and Florida, has allowed me to use many different aspects in my art to inspire me. It can be trees, boats, birds, vibrant sunsets, water, palm trees, cities, martinis; anything I see around me can be used to it’s fullest extent to draw the viewer into each piece and provide them with an enriching and pleasurable experience. I strive for my art to have an element of surprise, and at the same time, effect each person on a personal level with elements that they can relate to from their own life-experiences.

The closest style I feel my art fits into is a mix of Contemporary Eclecticism and Pop. And yet, it is different and unique in it’s own way, which is refreshing, and full of light and laughter. My goal as an artist is to bring happiness and joy into people’s lives through art. If every time someone looks at my art and it makes them smile, I know I have achieved part of my dream and purpose in life.

To see all of Madart, Inc.’s designs on DENY Products, visit:


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Amy Sia

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Amy Sia!

Amy was recently added to the DENY Designs team and all we can say is: COLOR!  We are absolutely loving her amazingly bright, colorful,  and playful designs!

About Amy Sia: 

Amy Sia is a London based textile print designer dedicated to creating unique and vibrant artwork. Amy says, “I love bright colours, painterly prints, and dreamy photographic prints!”.

To see all of Amy Sia’s designs on DENY products, visit:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Shannon Clark

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Shannon Clark. Shannon recently joined the DENY Designs family, but her work is already a big hit. Her photography and designs add such a bright, fresh look to DENY products – we are loving it!

About Shannon Clark:

SSC Photography by Shannon Clark was born in early 2011 when I decided to dabble in to an interest that I have always admired through others pieces – photography. Already having a life long love of art and color, I decided to mix the 3 together and create the kind of art I love – happy, fun, bright and unexpected. I love color and the effect it has on one’s mood. I like taking ordinary, everyday things and sights and adding a fun, colorful twist on them with a variety of vintage to modern finishes and effects. There is beauty in everything all around, and it can be brought out in fun and unexpected ways! I truly love what I do and hope it shows in my work!

Shannon Clark Summer Bloom Throw Pillow

Shannon Clark Summer Bloom Throw Pillow

To see all of Shannon’s work on DENY Designs products, visit:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Duane Hosein

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is: Duane Hosein.  Recently added to the DENY Designs family, Duane’s incredibly detailed illustrations are ones we fell in love with the moment we saw them.

Duane Hosein The Immortal Doctor Throw Pillow

About Duane Hosein:

Duane Hosein is a New York based artist, illustrator and insomniac. The majority of his childhood was spent either hiding behind the pages of a book or drawing at the dining room table. As a result, he developed an aversion towards reality, combined with a desire to dwell in a world untainted by limitations. His work reflects a strong connection with nature and an almost unhealthy obsession to detail.

Check out some of Duane’s art on DENY Designs products:

To see all of Duane’s art on DENY Designs products, visit his artist page at:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Lana Greben

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Lana Greban. New to the DENY Designs family just this past month, Lana takes glamourous to a whole new level. Her show-stopping, fashionable designs are ones that we think you’ll love as much as we do – and can add just the super chic touch to your home that you needed.

Lana Greben China Doll Fleece Throw Blanket

About Lana Greben:

Born in Ukraine, Lana Greben received a law degree from Dnipropetrovsk State University before moving to Québec, Canada. There, she received a degree in fine arts from the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

“Through their creations, fashion designers create styles, imply values, aesthetics and lifestyles. Fashion, for me, is all about the power of emotion, seduction and passion. My work explores the fascinating interrelation between art and fashion, one in which there is something of a role reversal. Fashion magazines, fashion photography and graphic design, in claiming and validating the visceral emotions and desires evoked by fashion, have themselves become powerful sources of inspiration” Lana said.

Lana’s artistic philosophy can be summed up in one statement: “Art is my lifestyle and fashion is my world.”

Check out some of her fabulous designs on DENY products:

To see all of Lana Greben’s work on DENY Designs products, just visit: