How to Get Your Festival on at Home

We are huge music fans over here at DENY, and because we are semi-responsible adults and can’t pick up and travel to every single music festival happening this Spring (just some of them), we are bringing the music festivals to us.

We’re talking about putting together the ultimate festival playlist, getting out our mobile speakers, heading to a backyard, and recreating the festival experience on our own (without porta-potties).

Here’s how…

Festival Festival 2

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Partners in Design: DENY + Urban Outfitters


DENY + Urban Outfitters. Isn’t it a match made in heaven? Urban Outfitters curates their favorite DENY art from the DENY Artists Galleries and offers the hand-picked collection in our DENY Shop at! Get inspired from how Urban styles boho-cali-mid-mod-vintage-pop like champs with DENY Tapestries and so much more. 2-deny-tap-9



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! (and a BIG treat for you)


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What’s Black, White, and Floral All Over?

We are still on a floral kick over here at DENY, but we thought it might be fun to put a sleek, sophisticated spin on springtime florals. We think that our black and white, crisp, minimalist-style friends deserve a spring update too, so this is for you guys.

Florals for minimalist Minimal Floral 2

Who says that blacks, whites, and greys don’t add a nice punch of excitement to a room? No one ever, that’s who. In fact, the muted colors of these florals give their rooms charm, drama, and a sense of luxe. And another bonus to adding subdued florals to your home is that they’re incredible easy to fit into any existing room. 
What do you think? Are you a rooftop screaming floral person who wants their color and wants their color now? Or are you more of the notion that less is more?


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Happy Blooming Spring!!

Wake up

Rise and shine sleepy bears! It’s time to awaken from our winter hibernation, crawl out of our caves, and stop and smell the roses. It’s spring–at long last!! We’ve made it! Not sure about y’all, but we’re ready to break out the florals, don pastels, and spruce up our homes accordingly.

Spring is a time for reviving, renewing, and reorganizing so bring your home to life with these easy Spring updates…Add a touch of floral Add a lot of floral

Not only does floral add a punch of color and instantly brighten up your home, but it allows you to bring the beautiful outdoors in. And if perhaps you are more of a modern minimalist and this kind of big bold floral is too much for you, check back next week for a guide on how to pull off an understated muted floral look.

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