DENY Designs is a modern, think outside-the-box company that creates custom furniture and accessories.

DENY Designs prides itself on pairing high-end furniture with amazing artwork at an affordable price. We set the highest standards for our DENY Art Gallery and recruit only the most talented artists and photographers so that you, the customer, can create a completely original piece of furniture and accessories for your home.

DENY Designs differs from other furniture companies by allowing each customer to customize their purchase. When you order from DENY, you aren’t getting something off a warehouse shelf, instead, you are receiving something completely original for your home and shipped to you on the artist’s behalf.

Visit us here: 

  1. Thanks so much for logging on to the Archives!

  2. Elisa said:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Here is the link:
    :) Elisa

    • Woah, that is awesome! We look forward to reading your blog!!!

  3. buubok said:

    This blog is fantastic. great taste and sense of taste. happy to be your loyal reader.

  4. Hi guys! I’m just in love with your work! Now you have a brazilian fan in Panama ;-). I’ll follow your art (because it’s greater and bigger then a job) pretty close.
    very nice!
    Bernadette, the foreigner dog

    • Thank you so much! We love that we have international fans! We have Brazilian artists on our team too, so they will appreciate the love!

  5. Hi – just want to let you know that you have a typo in your header:

    “…..home decor accessories the support art communities all ….”

  6. super blog!! posts are amazing!! looking forward to seeing a lot more from you.. and thanks for following…:)

  7. I like your blog for its unique designs and artistic approach towards common household objects. So I’m awarding you with this award. Please visit my blog and check post headed “milestone”. Thanks.

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