Sarcastic Much? Street Artist Uses Sarcastic-Laced Sentences In His Work

UK street artist Mobstr creates interesting and funny street art by using sarcastic sentences that cheekily challenges the way we view public spaces – and we kind of love it.

He is known for ‘conversing’ with the law’ through his graffiti after having his works painted over multiple times. But he continues to strike again and again, creating what he sees as ‘true’ works of art. But it is up to you to decide.

Art or not?


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  1. writingisl0ve said:

    Reblogged this on writingisl0ve and commented:
    I find this really funny. Maybe it’s because my friends know I can get a bit sarcastic …at time ;-)

  2. I had a sculpture teacher that always asked that question. I would show him my proposals and he would say its not art. You have to reach the audience. What will they take from it?

  3. This is halarious!! I’ll have to pinterest this too! ;) I like the security one and the one mocking the people to paint it white again!! Epic!

  4. musicaffection said:

    Yup…this made me smile on a Monday!

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