Fold It Up: Incredible Origami

A paper crane origami bird is one thing; but artist Won Park takes his origami folding skills to a whole new level.

Using dollar bills and other forms of paper currency from around the world, Won Park can fold just about anything your heart desires. We came across his brilliant foldings of some super cool miniature things like: a suit jacket, fish, a telephone and even a replica of the Eiffel Tower!

We wonder how many paper cuts he must have at this point in his career…


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Go Fish: Giant Sculptures Made From Plastic Bottles

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (or amazing art installation).

An art installation recently popped up on Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that showcases three gigantic fish made from discarded plastic bottles. The title of the installation is “recycle your attitude”.

The sculptures were created to raise awareness for the recently completed United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, dubbed Rio+20 – a conference held to discuss and promote environmental protection.

Pretty great right?

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In Your Face: Animals Up Close. Really Close.

Stefano Unterthiner is the successful photographer behind these amazing shots of wildlife- up close and very personal. He is known for his ability to get face to face with the animals – and coming out with some incredible photos.

He specializes in telling the life stories of animals, living in close contact with his chosen species for long periods of time. He also has a strong commitment to wildlife conservation and environmental issues, with a particular interest in the interactions between people and animals.

Love these!


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DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Duane Hosein

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is: Duane Hosein.  Recently added to the DENY Designs family, Duane’s incredibly detailed illustrations are ones we fell in love with the moment we saw them.

Duane Hosein The Immortal Doctor Throw Pillow

About Duane Hosein:

Duane Hosein is a New York based artist, illustrator and insomniac. The majority of his childhood was spent either hiding behind the pages of a book or drawing at the dining room table. As a result, he developed an aversion towards reality, combined with a desire to dwell in a world untainted by limitations. His work reflects a strong connection with nature and an almost unhealthy obsession to detail.

Check out some of Duane’s art on DENY Designs products:

To see all of Duane’s art on DENY Designs products, visit his artist page at:

Sarcastic Much? Street Artist Uses Sarcastic-Laced Sentences In His Work

UK street artist Mobstr creates interesting and funny street art by using sarcastic sentences that cheekily challenges the way we view public spaces – and we kind of love it.

He is known for ‘conversing’ with the law’ through his graffiti after having his works painted over multiple times. But he continues to strike again and again, creating what he sees as ‘true’ works of art. But it is up to you to decide.

Art or not?


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Edible Incredible: National Flags Made From Food

In honor of the Sydney International Food Festival held each year in Sydney’s Hyde Park, advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA got together and created something amazing to showcase the chefs from all around the world participating in the event. Using only the ingredients from the food types and cultures that each country is known for, they artfully created flags to represent them – and wow, are they incredible!

Does this make you hungry too?











South Korea





United Kingdom

United States


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Wednesday Throwback: Retro Advertisements for Today Companies

Who doesn’t love looking back at those old advertisements? What if the same style was still used today?

Here is what some of the most well-known of today’s society might have looked way back then with some epic retro makeovers – like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and YouTube. (Maybe Grandma will understand finally Twitter if you show her the ad below). Thanks to artist Marco Martins for the cool concept!

Would you have been sold?

Golly Ghee Whiz!

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Tuesday Awesome: Super Sweet Jelly Bean Portraits

Artist Kristen Cumings is the creative hand behind these incredible works of super sweet (literally) art- made only using jelly beans. Yes, just jelly beans – thousands of jelly beans.

Cumings estimates roughly 60 hours and 9,000 to 12,000 jelly beans were used to create each piece, and the end results are unbelievable. I just wonder how many cavities she has now.

Truly, awesomely, sweet:

Pretty great right?

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DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Lana Greben

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Lana Greban. New to the DENY Designs family just this past month, Lana takes glamourous to a whole new level. Her show-stopping, fashionable designs are ones that we think you’ll love as much as we do – and can add just the super chic touch to your home that you needed.

Lana Greben China Doll Fleece Throw Blanket

About Lana Greben:

Born in Ukraine, Lana Greben received a law degree from Dnipropetrovsk State University before moving to Québec, Canada. There, she received a degree in fine arts from the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

“Through their creations, fashion designers create styles, imply values, aesthetics and lifestyles. Fashion, for me, is all about the power of emotion, seduction and passion. My work explores the fascinating interrelation between art and fashion, one in which there is something of a role reversal. Fashion magazines, fashion photography and graphic design, in claiming and validating the visceral emotions and desires evoked by fashion, have themselves become powerful sources of inspiration” Lana said.

Lana’s artistic philosophy can be summed up in one statement: “Art is my lifestyle and fashion is my world.”

Check out some of her fabulous designs on DENY products:

To see all of Lana Greben’s work on DENY Designs products, just visit: 

Nailed It: Amazing Photorealistic Portraits With Nails And Thread

For New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita, constellations are not made of stars and sky, but of nails and sewing thread.

The extremely talented Kumi Yamashita has created a stunning series of photorealistic portraits, using only nails and a single unbroken sewing thread. In her ongoing series – appropriately named ‘Constellation’ –  Yamashita intricately constructs each portrait by nailing a white wooden block with thousands of tiny nails and tying the thread around each nail, not breaking the thread!

Details on her subjects’ faces are formed by balancing the thread concentration and creating geometrical patterns to add visual texture to the portraits. The end results are beautifully constructed, hyper-realistic portraits of her subjects.


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Thursday Awesome: Cup of Joe (or Mona Lisa)

Talk about getting jazzed up on caffeine – at the Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia (an annual coffee festival), organizers used 3,604 cups of coffee — four shades using different amounts of coffee and milk — to make an incredibly accurate replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

It measures an impressive 20 feet high and 13 feet wide and took a team of eight people three hours to complete. It was created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, and seen by 130,000 people who attended the one-day coffee-lovers event.

At least those long hours put in by the artists of this piece were probably much more enjoyable with endless cups of java!


Flipping Out: Giant Monkey Sculpture

So, can you guess exactly what this giant monkey sculpture is made of from the first few photos before getting to then end? We had no idea either, but were blown away by the talent of the art students who constructed this in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ready, set, guess!

And the survey says: FLIP FLOPS!

Designed for the Pixelshow 2010 this sweet sculpture was pictured lying innocently in a local park ready to amuse and entertain passersby on their daily strolls. Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman designed the structure, and the students involved in the project constructed it and appropriately named it “Fat Monkey,” just in time for Pixelshow’s 2010 conference, which showcases art with a pixelated look. Students built the monkey’s body out nearly 10,000 of flip flops because the sandals are a long-standing trademark of Brazil.

Pretty awesome! Thank you Rosie Brown for sharing this story with DENY Designs!

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DENY Designs Featured Artist of The Week: Heather Dutton

Heather Dutton Blue Poppy Field Custom Wall Clock

The DENY Designs Featured Artist of The Week: Heather Dutton. New to the DENY Designs family this past month, Heather’s bright, bold and super chic patterns and designs are looking amazing on DENY Products!

About Heather Dutton:

“For as long as I can remember, I knew that I was destined for a  creative future. My mom always told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I worked hard & followed my dreams (thanks, mom!). It was that encouragement that led me to art school at SCAD,  where I studied fashion design and had my eyes opened to the amazing world of textile design for the first time.”

“After years of working my way around the fashion industry in San Francisco, I still couldn’t shake my love for textiles & the world of surface design. Remembering my mom’s inspiring words, I took a leap &
Hang Tight Studio was born.”

“It’s been an amazing ride so far & I feel lucky every day I wake up… realizing I get to draw & create.
My lime green studio is filled with wee little things that make me smile… along with two kitties & my sweet Sussex spaniel Emma Jean.”

“When I’m not working, odds are, you’ll find me scouring flea markets, watching movies or going for an impromptu drive to wherever the road ends up taking me.”

To see all of Heather Dutton’s work on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page:

Friday Finger Food: Artist Creates Realistic Food Miniatures

When you hear ‘finger food’, what probably comes to mind are cocktail sausages, egg rolls and pinwheels – but for talented Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron, ‘finger food’ looks a whole lot different.

Artist Shay Aaron meticulously sculpts incredibly realistic and super tiny food miniatures out of polymer clay, in 1:12 scale – literally, whole meals that fit on the tip of your finger (not edible of course, but so impressive)!

His works are smaller than the size of your thumb and just by looking at their details, one can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into each. Where was he when I had a dollhouse?!

To check out all of the amazing mini gourmet masterpieces, visit:

Thursday Tiny: Photographer Captures the Miniature World of Louis Vuitton

Photographer Vincent Bousserez has a talent for imagining what happens when the Louis Vuitton stores close their doors at night.  In his ‘Larger Than Life’ photo series, Bousserez dreams up and stages a fantasy world in which a miniature population exists in the the heart of the beloved luxury objects in the dark of night.

His dioramas tell a story of when a store closes: “golfers enjoy a night journey under the Vuitton logo, and newly-weds explore a strange path in the glow of dawn”, and construction workers carve out embedded logos in the products.”

“The change of scale reveals the expertise and craft of Louis Vuitton: the fine textured leathers, shiny metal parts, and stitching are rediscovered through the scenes – through the world of miniature characters, we come to appreciate the pleasures of life, both great and small, to their fullest extent”.

Too funny – and uber creative!


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Wednesday Creative: Super Sweet Toffee Art Installation

An art installation good enough to eat?

Artist Skye Kelly is the creative mastermind behind this sugary delight that she titled ‘Creep (Stain)’. Using only an overhead fixture and sticky toffee, she lets it drip as it pleases onto the gallery floor.  Onlookers can watch as the gooey toffee makes it way from the top of the fixture down to the puddles, watching as it changes.

“The concept behind her installation is the evolving nature of the toffee as it turns from a warm liquid to toffee crystals—allowing the audience to study the constant change of its appearance and form.”

Ummm, yum? Not sure if I would be able to keep my paws off of this piece of art.


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Diamond Jubilee Color Guide: A PANTONE Color Chart Fit For A Queen

These days, it seems like PANTONE is everywhere. So what better way to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration than with a super cool color guide made from selections matching the Queen’s wardrobe over the years?

PANTONE and advertising agency Leo Burnett London chart six decades of style for Queen Elizabeth II with the launch of a limited-edition ‘Diamond Jubilee Color Guide’. The guide is designed to capture and commemorate some of the Queen’s most memorable color choices since her coronation – featuring PANTONE Color references and citing the date and location that determined her outfit color choice.

Selecting feature colors from the Queen’s wardrobe, PANTONE featured some of these colors – the reason behind them? Check it:

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow – The Queen’s royal wedding outfit from 2011 was Primrose Yellow. Yellow is a color that speaks to the future with hope and optimism.

PANTONE 13-4411 Crystal Blue – Blue is a colur staple in the Queen’s wardrobe, is also seen as de-stressing so it’s no surprise she was sporting a serene blue to a Royal Garden Party in 2010.

PANTONE 16-2124 Pink Carnation – In recent years, she has been seen in trendier bright pinks, defying her age and communicating that she is a monarch modern in thought and spirit.

PANTONE 13-5414 Ice Green – During the Queen’s landmark state visit to Ireland, the first since the country gained independence in the 1920s, she was seen in a cool shade of green.

So will you be seen using the Diamond Jubilee Color Guide? Or will you steer clear of this PANTONE look book?


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: BirdAve

Bird Ave Los Angeles Purple Fleece Throw Blanket

The DENY Designs Featured Artist of The Week:  BirdAve.  BirdAve is new to DENY Designs this month and specializes in city skyline art that we have already fallen deeply in love with. Anything from big cities to universities to football stadiums, BirdAve creates designs that showcase your favorite landmarks in a most unique way- not to mention they look fabulous on DENY Designs products. 

Take a look at some of amazing designs from BirdAve on DENY Designs products:

Pretty fun right? What do you think?