DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Marta Spendowska

The DENY Designs featured Artist of the week is: Marta Spendowska. New to the DENY Designs team this year, Marta brings glamourous, feminine and colorful designs that every stylish fashionista is sure to fall in love with.

What Marta says about her inspiration for her work:

“Every time I reach for a brush, paint, pencil, tablet I feel like this is a time to let go. Every time right before I start, there is this feeling of completeness, joy, a bit of confusion, if I can handle my emotions, and than the time stops. It literally stops. I don’t care about physics anymore. I love almond/rice/soy chais and lattes. I wouldn’t say no to some good Pino Noir.”

To see all of Marta Spendowska’s fabulous artworks on DENY Designs products, visit:

Don’t you just ♥ her work?


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