Super Sweet Ride

From DesignTaxi:

New York-based designer and artist Britta Hope created a bike made of candy. Yes, a bike. Dubbed ‘The Candy Bike’, the bicycle is a sure to give you a visual sugar rush—made of all sorts of candy, from the handlebars to the wheels.

Hope created the bike as part of her 3D design class, where students were given Huffy bikes and told to create a vessel that delivers a message.

“I chose the message ‘treat yourself’,” Hope wrote, “and created a bike that is made out of candy and delivers cupcakes out of a giant cupcake carrier on the back! Yum.”

What a sweet ride!

images via


  1. Check out the tires!! Oh, my. Dialing my wish list now. . .Theadora

    • The tires are my favorite part! So amazing right?!

      • Oh, yes. Drool! I’d wear few strands of candy necklaces, and perhaps, add a few pinwheels to the handlebars. Sweet dreaming. . .T.

  2. Lucy said:

    I suddenly am craving some fruit stripe gum. This bike is too cute!

  3. Susan said:

    What a marvellous creation! Hope she received top marks!

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