DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Holly Sharpe

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Holly Sharpe.  New to the DENY Designs team just this last month, Holly brings a bright, bold and beautiful style that we can’t help but fall in love with. We are especially loving her ‘Tribal Girl’ and ‘Dreamer’ designs on DENY Designs products – surely to transform any home space into a dreamy fantasy-land.

About Holly Sharpe:

“I am a printed textile designer, artist and illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland. I currently live in London, but hope to travel again sometime soon and soak up some more worldwide inspiration! I absolutely love drawing and have done for as long as I can remember, it really is my passion.”

“The motivation behind my work is something I canʼt quite put in to words, I just know that it has always been inside of me and the more I do it, the more inspired/ motivated I become. Ultimately I do hope to be able to use my work to engage, provoke and inspire others. The long term goal is to somehow portray a positive message about how we live our lives and to spread an awareness about important issues. I am inspired by all things beautiful and slightly infatuated with color.”

Check out a few of Holly Sharpe’s artworks on DENY Designs products below – pretty gorgeous right?

To see all of Holly Sharpe’s designs on DENY products, visit: 

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Friday Interesting: Most Popular Fashion Brands By City

Not exactly design-related, but we stumbled across a recent article from Lucky Magazine that profiled the most popular fashion brands by city and were inclined to share.

Shop It To Me—an online personal shopping assistant that tracks discounts on your favorite brands—crunched the numbers and analyzed the brand preferences of their users in 23 major U.S. cities and ranked the most popular brands 1-50 in each of them.

Check out the images below –  and tell us, do you stack up with your city’s preferences? Or is your wardrobe in an entirely different zip code?


Top Brands: Victoria’s Secret, BCBG, Nine West
Shopping Forecast: Out of all cities, it’s where Michael Kors is ranked highest. Maybe it’s all the neon pink and electric green he’s been using lately?



Top Brands: Banana Republic, Marc Jacobs, BCBG
Shopping Forecast: It’s the only city where comfy-casual brand Ella Moss makes the top 50. (Lightweight cotton dresses might make trekking up those city hills a little easier.)


Top Brands: The North Face, 7 for All Mankind, Victoria’s Secret
Shopping Forecast: North Face is #1. Rain gear that’s tough but not overly sporty— like this military green slicker— is probably why.


Top Brands: J.Crew, The North Face, 7 For All Mankind
Shopping Forecast: J.Crew’s really popular, but it only ranks #1 in Boston. Is it all the college kids? The industrious, adorable outerwear? Those chunky striped sweaters?


Top Brands: LOFT, BCBG, Nine West
Shopping Forecast: Betsey Johnson makes the top 50 in each of the cities we analyzed except Charlotte. It’s a little surprising, considering the designer’s Southern belle-friendly dresses like these.


Top Brands: Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, J.Crew
Shopping Forecast: At #8, Express ranked higher in Minneapolis than anywhere else. Maybe it’s the on-trend pieces like these printed pants?


Top Brands: UGG, Michael Kors, Steve Madden
Shopping Forecast: It’s one of only two cities where UGG made the top 10. (The other one’s Boston.)


Top Brands: Guess, Juicy Couture, True Religion
Shopping Forecast: It’s the only city where Guess makes the top 10. (Maybe locals play up the Southwestern vibe in concho belts and faded jeans like these.)


Top Brands:: Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gucci
Shopping Forecast: It’s one of only three cities where Louis Vuitton makes the top 10. Which means New York shares some common ground with LV-loving Houston and Miami, two cities with styles that seem really different than typical NYC looks.


Top Brands: BCBG, The North Face, Victoria’s Secret
Shopping Forecast: At #50, Tory Burch barely made it on Baltimore’s rankings, unlike more Tory-friendly Boston and Los Angeles (which rank the brand #31 and #36, respectively).


Top Brands: Express, Nike, Victoria’s Secret
Shopping Forecast: It’s the only city where Old Navy made the top 50. (We hope everyone there stocks up on boots like these: so versatile, and even less expensive than a movie date.)


Top Brands: DKNY, Banana Republic, J.Crew
Shopping Forecast: Along with Detroit and Atlanta, it’s one of just three cities where DKNY makes the top 10. (This trench would be good for braving windy days.)


Top Brands: Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Steve Madden
Shopping Forecast: Although it might seem like a New England brand, Ralph Lauren only ranks in the top 5 in two southern cities: Houston and Atlanta.


Top Brands: Free People, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden
Shopping Forecast: Along with San Francisco, it’s one of just two cities to count Miu Miu in the top 50. (We would’ve thought New York would be in there too. Although, sorta interestingly, Prada ranked in the top 50 for all cities analyzed.)


Top Brands: Victoria’s Secret, The North Face, Nike
Shopping Forecast: Detroit may be famous for brutal winters, but it still ranks Victoria’s Secret’s little lingerie as its #1 brand of choice.


Top Brands: Nike, 7 For All Mankind, Ralph Lauren
Shopping Forecast: Along with Houston and New Orleans, it’s one of just three cities to rank BCBGirls in the top 50. (Perhaps because floaty dresses like this one would work so well on humid summer days.)


Top Brands: LOFT, Steve Madden, Nike
Shopping Forecast: At #15, Kate Spade ranks relatively high in Nashville, compared to Houston and Miami (where Kate Spade is #30 and #39, respectively).


Top Brands: 7 For All Mankind, J.Crew, Nine West
Shopping Forecast: Banana Republic ranks #1, which means Denver shares sartorial taste with Austin, Salt Lake City and San Francisco.


Top Brands: Nike, Express, Banana Republic
Shopping Forecast: Along with Salt Lake City, it’s one of only two cities to rank Tommy Hilfiger in the top 50.


Top Brands: Gucci, Nine West, Ralph Lauren
Shopping Forecast: At #15, New Orleans ranks Kenneth Cole higher than in any other city. (In Boston the brand ranks #39 and in L.A. it ranks #40.)


Top Brands: The North Face, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret
Shopping Forecast: At #7, LOFT ranks relatively high in D.C, where political types might wear blazers like these.


Top Brands: Steve Madden, J.Crew, DKNY
Shopping Forecast: Atlanta is one of only two cities to exclude Urban Outfitters from the top 50— NYC is the other— even though the store has really cute things like this.


Top Brands: Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren
Shopping Forecast: Coach makes it in the top 50 in Dallas, along with Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix and Pittsburgh. It must be a non-coastal thing?

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Pinterest Inspired: Romantic Home Decor Style

Extravagant, exaggerated, wild, imaginative, fantastic.

Romantic decor is a style that appeals to the senses through patterns, lace, painted furniture, crystal, light filtered through sheer curtains and aromatic flower arrangements – one of our favorite home decor styles right now.

We wanted to share some of our favorites from Pinterest, because they are too good to keep to ourselves:

Now, if we could only find a mansion to put all of these ideas in…and a big wad of cash.


Life is Beautiful: A Cutting Edge Art Installation

Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri has created a beautiful (and ironic) art installation using only kitchen knives stabbed into the walls.

His installation, which features the words ‘Life is Beautiful’ – is supposed to touch upon how common household items can serve as lethal weapons, lending a sarcastic undertone to the upbeat statement. Definitely a thought provoking piece of work – we love finding gems like these!

So what you do think?

images via

Oversized Rubber Ducky Bringing Oversized Smiles to Onlookers

You cannot help but to smile when seeing these images – and that is just the reaction that artist Florentijn Hofman wanted.  Sometimes it is the simple things in life that mean the most, and to tap into those feelings, Hofman created his giant yellow duckie with the mission of simply bringing people together through the presence of art.

Treating the Loire as a giant bubble bath, as The Rubber Duck cruises, it brings a message of joy, without political or sociological connotation. Hofman’s work often deals with simplistic happiness – his signature oversized installations serve as diversions that ease the tension of modern life.  His work often gives onlookers a moment of serenity amidst times of economic and political turmoil. We can’t help but appreciate this.

“The duck itself is a durable vessel, made from an inflatable plastic shell, a pontoon boat, and a generator to help propel it forward downstream. It gently moves throughout the environment without disrupting the nature of the marine life in the river below. Rising 82 feet by 82 feet wide, the bath time toy conjures up childhood memories and nostalgic narratives, undeniably creating smiles as it passes through each town.”

The Rubber Duck traveled a 40 mile stretch from Saint-Nazaire to Nantes, France as part of the Loire Estuary art exhibition. The Rubber Duck has already delighted the shores of both Osaka and Sao Paulo, and it will likely continue its journey to other waterways around the world, surely spreading joy and smiles everywhere it floats.

We hope this ducky makes it’s way across the pond to visit us sometime soon – what an incredible sight!

Absolutely brilliant.

images via

Sweet Murals (Literally)

Believe it or not, what you are seeing is artwork made of sugar. Using sugar cake icing, artist Shelley  Miller replicates the images of historical Portuguese tiles, azulejo ceramic tiles, and even street art – creating one sweet piece of art.

Inhabitat says, “Inspired by calligraphy, arabesques, ancient mosaics, mosque architecture, temples, and textile design, Miller gives the styles of these architectural elements new life reimagining them in a water-soluble medium.”

“Miller’s use of sugar goes beyond just the novelty of a using a confection in an outdoor art installation.  The artist also uses sugar to draw parallels between the history of the sugar industry and its remnants. For an ongoing project in Brazil, the artist decorated several dilapidated buildings with faux-Portuguese tiles. Brazil, once a booming industry leader in the sugar industry, is now faced with extreme poverty in many areas and echoes of the slave labor that fueled the industry. Ironically, sugar is now considered a luxury in many of these areas, so local children have been known to break off samples of Miller’s art installations to nibble on them.”

“Millers azulejo style murals also reference the sugar industry, mainly its transport across the oceans, its history, and link to the slave trade. She has installed the sugar murals in several ports related to the sugar industry, in Brazil, Victoria, BC, and her native Montreal.”

Pretty sweet right?



images via

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Ginette Callaway

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Ginette Callaway of Ginette Fine Art.  Ginette’s watercolor and oil pastel pieces are bright and beautiful, and with the wide range of subjects, you are sure to find at least one to fall in love with.

About Ginette Callaway: 

I am French born to a German Mother and a French Father and became a US citizen in 2008. I live in the United States and paint in Oil and Watercolors from my Basement Studio in Georgia. Besides my traditional paintings I also love to do fresh contemporary abstract in watercolor and ink, mostly very colorful. My inspirations life, life and life.

I paint every day because that is what I love to do. If I never leave my basement that is fine because in my head I’m somewhere else. Nature inspires me most, because nature is the biggest wonder of all. Animals, Flowers, scenes from around the world and places I have visited. I remember a fragrance of a flower or fresh squeezed limes and it triggers a painting.

Simply from sun up till sun down my head is in a creative vice.


To see all of the Ginette Fine Art pieces on DENY Designs products, visit:

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The 72-Room Bohemian Dream Home

Abandoned building? Nope, actually only three people live in this building (and no, they are not squatters).

A few years ago, New York Magazine revealed that this graffiti-covered old bank on the Bowery (that we all probably thought was abandoned or filled with bums) is in fact a single-family-home. Yes, you read that correctly. Single-family home.

The old 30,000 square foot, bank was bought in 1966 for a mere $102,000 by photographer, Jay Maisel – who still occupies the  now 72-room dream home with his wife and only daughter. Today, real-estate brokers estimate it’s worth at least $50 million.

New York Magazine was given a peek inside the Bohemian dream home, here are some of the incredible photos from the tour:

The Master Bathroom
Originally office space. Maisel designed it, putting down a plywood floor and installing a marble shower stall.

The Dining Room
The bankers had their meals here. It’s at one end of the open living room. The pressed-tin wall is original.

Amanda’s Bedroom
Maisel built the platforms so his daughter can look at the skyline while lying in bed.

The Kitchen
The Maisel kitchen is on the site of the bank’s original kitchen, where staff cooked for the bankers.

The Kitchen

The Maisels on the Roof
Linda has a small garden in one corner; this year, she grew tomatoes, basil, peppers, and parsley. The building’s copper trim is still intact.

The Fifth Floor
The plastic tubing runs along the ceiling and carries cold air. Part of Maisel’s collection of curiosities lines the hallway.

The Elevator
Maisel used mirrors to enclose the original copper elevator cage for safety.

The Third Floor
Once bank offices, now gallery space. The original door frames are oak.

Maisel stores his work in the original safe-deposit vault.

Pretty incredible right?

images via

Child’s Own: Bringing Art To Life

Usually the artists that we write about on our blog are a bit older than 5 years old, but we came across the most incredible website today and felt we had to share.

Child’s Own Studio takes any drawing that your little one brings home and can turn it into a real-life stuffed animal.

Child’s Own Studio is a place where your child and a craft artist, together, can create a keepsake to be cherished for a lifetime.”

So say goodbye to just keeping the masterpiece taped on the fridge – keep it forever! How amazingly creative is that? Also impressive is the accuracy – the duplications of the drawings are so spot on it is scary.

Why didn’t we think of that? BRILLIANT!

To see all of the work of Child’s Own Studio , you can check out their website:

Short And Sweet

Photo Credit: Rick Nelson

We found this photo this morning and can’t stop getting those warm and fuzzy feelings. Here is what Rick Nelson has captured and the story that he tells:

“The story behind this picture is this:

Every day – at the very same time – she waits for him…

He comes… and they go for a walk.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had friends like this…no words needed…they just intuitively recognize the value of each other in their lives and act accordingly?”

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Rosie Brown

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Rosie Brown. Rosie Brown’s tropical watercolor designs can make any room your own private oasis. The subjects of her paintings are varied, but they all reflect Florida living: vibrant colors, gorgeous seascapes, luscious fruits, tropical birds, exotic blooms, great light and awesome shadows.

Check out some of her designs on DENY products – we think you’ll love them as much as we do:



More about Rosie Brown:

Rosie Brown has been painting in different mediums her entire life. She originally came from Cuba at the age of nine and knew the importance of having a steady job. This experience prompted her to obtain a business degree from Florida International University. Rosie’s true passion centered on painting and continued to flourish throughout her successful business career. After retiring, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to create.

Rosie’s love of art extends out to organizations in the community. She is a signature member of the Miami Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society and a docent at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. Rosie recently completed two “art in public places ” pieces in Coconut Grove and South Miami.

To see all of Rosie Brown’s designs on DENY products, visit:

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Sit. Stay. High Fashion Dog Portraits

Artist and photographer William Wegman, along with his editorial dog Man Ray – had a partnership that produced some amazing photographs. I don’t know if the photographs themselves or the fact that  Wegman could get Man Ray to sit still for that long is more impressive – but either way, I need the name of his doggie trainer.

This is the story behind William Wegman and Man Ray:

It was while he was in Long Beach that artist William Wegman got his dog, Man Ray, with whom he began a long and fruitful collaboration. Man Ray, known in the art world and beyond for his endearing deadpan presence, became a central figure in Wegman’s photographs and videotapes. In 1981, Man Ray died. It was not until 1986 that Wegman got a new dog, Fay Ray, and another collaboration began marked by Wegman’s extensive use of the Polaroid 20 x 24 camera. With the birth of Fay’s litter in 1989, Wegman’s cast grew to include Fay’s offspring — Battina, Crooky and Chundo — and later, their offspring: Battina’s son Chip in 1995, Chip’s son Bobbin in 1999 and Candy and Bobbin’s daughter Penny in 2004.

images via


Pop Culture Icons: They’re Just Like Us

Read no further if you think your childhood visions of pop culture icons might be shattered forever, because artist Mike Mitchell takes some of the most-loved pop culture characters and puts them in ironic situations.  After all, they are “Just Like Us” right? Well that is what Mike Mitchell thinks – and we love his interpretations of what our favorite characters do when the cameras are not rolling.

In his series ‘Just Like Us’ that’s currently exhibited at Gallery 1988: Melrose till April 28th, 2012, characters—such as Magneto, Dumbo, Bambi, Ariel, Ewok, Batman, Poison Ivy and Robin—get into unique situations that make them seem more human and a bit less like the unbreakable heroes of our childhood past.

Some of these are freakin’ hilarious, look:

Too funny! To see all of Mike Mitchell’s amazingly creative designs, visit his website:

No Umbrella Necessary For This Rain Storm: Amazing Art Installation

Even wondered what rain would look like if it were frozen in time? Well thanks to artist Stacee Kalmanovsky, you can. To replicate the natural phenomenon, she created this installation of beads attached to a fishing line, hung underneath a glass ceiling. It’s as if she froze time, along with the rain drops in mid-air – creating the most amazing rain storm that you’ve ever seen – no umbrella necessary.

Despite the complexity of experience the materials are simple: fishing lines, plastic beads and a good deal of time to create the masterpiece. According to her website: “Stacee’s work is rooted in the uncanny, suggestive, and picturesque. Her urge to invent and exaggerate is tempered by a deep dedication to the medium at hand.”

Born in Gomel, Belarus in 1981, Stacee then moved to Chicago where she attended the University of Illinois. She currently lives and works out of Florence, Italy.

Simply amazing.

images via

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Jacqueline Maldonado

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Jacqueline Maldonado. New to the DENY Designs family this year, Jacqueline brings bright color and a variety of design techniques that create amazing artworks. DENY customers are particularly loving her watercolor designs titled “Arpeggi” and “Kiss of Life”.

More about Jacqueline and her inspiration for her work:

When asked to comment on her work, Jacqueline states,  I think about what can be communicated through line, form, tone, composition and the relationship of these elements to each other.   I aim to create imaginative work; work that holds mystery, work that is poetic, and work that is luminous with color.”

Jacqueline Maldonado is a New York City native currently residing in Southern California.  She spent most of her adult career in various facets of the fashion industry, all the while nurturing her artistic talent through higher education in visual art and developing a discipline in her artistic practice.  In her recent move across the country, Jacqueline took a leap of faith to pursue her art as a full-time endeavor.  Equipped with sharp focus, ambition, determination, resourcefulness and innate talent, in a very short time, she is beginning to see success as a professional artist.  She sells her works as prints and originals and also partners with several retailers and manufacturers who print her work on various products.  She is proud to be partnering now with DENY Designs!

Jacqueline works in a variety of media and explores many styles and modes of artistic expression; including but not limited to: watercolor, oil pastel,  photography, digital imaging, graphic design, textile and surface design.  Often, she combines several of these media, inventing unique and modern forms of art.  She creates compositions derived from many sources and amalgamations of inspiration:  imagination, emotion, nature, memory, and music. 




To see all of Jacqueline’s designs on DENY Designs products, visit:

Pretty talented right? We love her work!


LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition

Artist and architect Adam Reed Tucker—who’s also one of 11 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world— how do you get that job?- along with other LEGO artists, have recreated the world’s tallest skyscrapers using more than 15,500,000 LEGO Bricks.

The collection is currently exhibited at the National Building Museum in Washington DC features detailed LEGO versions of iconic skyscrapers, such as the Empire State Building, the John Hancock Center, the Petronas Towers and the Burj Khalifa.

Tucker himself created 11 of these buildings—each of which took about 200 hours or more to complete. The Museum’s LEGO® Architecture exhibition is among the most popular in Museum history and has had more than 214,000 visitors since it opened in July 2010.

The exhibition called ‘LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition’ runs through ‘til 3 September 2012.

Design Makeover: Disney Movie Posters

I’ve previously seen minimalist posters of Pixar and famous Hollywood movies, but I am absolutely loving these. When ! stumbled across these on DesignTaxi, I had to do a double-take. I was shocked to see Disney classic movies with a whole new design makeover. It almost makes me want to watch these movies again.

This time around, Liverpool-based graphic designer and artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has rendered Disney films the minimalist feel with his latest series of posters. Taking on classic Disney titles like Snow White and The Seven Dwarves,PinocchioThe Little MermaidThe Lion King and many others, his posters feature strong silhouttes and iconic graphics.

Check them out:

Pretty cool right? Which one is your fave?

images via Rowan Stocks-Moore


Home Decor Trend: Pixelated Color

We are loving the current home decor trend spotted across the pond in the UK right now – pixelated, colorful home decor.

In the most recent issue of Living etc Magazine, this page (and great throw pillow) caught my eye. What a great way to add pops of color (or colour as they say in the UK) to your home?

Several designers like Cristian Zuzunaga and Madart, Inc. are designing amazing pixelated color home pieces that are to die for!

Check them out:


image via


image via


image via


image via

image via

Are you bold enough to try the trend?

Devotion: In The Form of Origami Flowers

Colorful and full of meaning, ‘Devotion’ was inspired by Hinduism. “The title refers to the act of creating it itself as well as religious practices found in Hinduism, the repetitive practice of mantras and the flowers used in devotional ceremonies,” declares artist James Roper. Roper is the mastermind behind the 10,000 origami flowers displayed in this installation.

Every day for 3 years, James Roper would meticulously fold at least 10 perfect origami flowers – leaving him with 10,000. Following the completion of his folding, he arranged them neatly into different designs for display to represent the word “Devotion” – also the title of the installation. We are so utterly impressed by this! We also wonder how many paper cuts he got during his folding time.

The project as a whole is called “Devotion.” The arrangements you see below are as thus: the big target is Devotion (mandala), the sun outline is Devotion (mandala swept away), and the snake is Devotion (degree show installation).

James Roper is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and painter and paper craftsman and basically everything else you can imagine.

Kudos to you James! This is amazing!

images via 


Ice, Ice Babies

How cool (literally) is this?

In 2009, Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo carved these incredible tiny ice sculptures of men on the steps of Gendermenmarkt Square in Berlin. Aside from being beautiful, Azeveedo created the thousand miniature people to shed light on the effects of global warming and the World Wildlife Fund’s warning that melting ice could cause water levels to rise.

Needless to say, the tiny men didn’t stay sitting for long. The installation lasted till the last one melted in the heat of the day. Although a short exhibit, it sure was a powerful one.


images via

Duvet Tuesday! DENY Designs Giveaway

Yep. It is time for our favorite day of the week (except Friday) – DUVET TUESDAY!

We want to give anyone and everyone who participates the chance to win their very own DENY Designs Duvet Cover.  Nothing beats curling up under the covers after a long day. And what better way to unwind than to surround yourself with gorgeous, fantastical artwork? Turn your basic, boring down comforter into the super stylish focal point of your bedroom – one that your friends and family will surely be jealous of.

We think that’s pretty rad, it’s a $190 value!  Plus, who doesn’t want to snuggle up in something that is free!

It’s pretty simple, to enter, just follow DENY Designs on both Facebook and Twitter and then fill out this very, very short form (you only have to enter your name, email and your fave DENY Designs artist) to be entered to win a DENY Designs duvet cover:

We will announce the winner next Tuesday, April 10th on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck, and keep on designing!


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Bianca Green

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Bianca Green. New this year to the DENY Designs family, Bianca Green brings bright, bold and amazingly unique patterns to the DENY Designs product line. The most popular of her patterns – Overdose” and “It’s Your World” have been a hit among interior designs everywhere.

Learn more about Bianca Green and what inspires her fantastic work:

Bianca Green, mother Brazilian, father German/US American, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in December 1982. After a few years of childhood in Rio, her parents decided to move to Germany to offer her a better education.

After school, Bianca followed her passion for music and worked at a local Radio station, then later for MTV Networks Germany. After working as a Producer in various music TV-formats, she felt like the music industry wasnʼt right for her and left. She spent a year in San Francisco and went back to Germany only to find out that she needed a new adventure. Now, living in Montevideo, Uruguay since 2010, she got back to her creativity and started to create art.

The world is her home and home is Berlin, San Francisco, Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro. What she does is travel, what she loves is art, what she needs is music and what she can’t resist is chocolate.

Bianca’s work represents all of that. Her only goal is to COLOR YOUR LIFE.


 To see all of Bianca Green’s work on DENY Designs products, visit her artist page here:

Keep on Designing!


Pin This: Amazing Art Created Out of Push Pins

You should think twice now before throwing away all of those old buttons you have lying around the house – at least Ran Hwang sure does. Ran Hwang is a Korean-born artist working in new york, who creates intricate and poetic installations using the very simplest of objects like push pins and buttons.

Hwang is best known for her wall sculptures that make use of common objects like buttons and crystals pinned directly onto the wall of the gallery. Using each element like a pixel on a screen, Hwang creates oversized murals of birds, trees or chandeliers. Her subject matter is often influenced by buddhist theories and symbolism. Hwang’s work has been described as inviting ’the viewer to engage in multiple readings of emptiness and existence, of attempting to reach the state of enlightenment and fulfillment through the conscious emptying of one’s mind and spirit’.

Pretty amazing right?


images via