Push Here For Pizza

Pizza lovers rejoice! A restaurant in Dubai called Red Tomato Italian has created the ultimate device for pizza lovers—a refrigerator magnet that lets you order a pizza simply by pushing a button.  Called the ‘VIP (Very Important Pizza lovers) refrigerator magnet’, it is a pizza box-shaped magnet with a ‘Push for Hunger’ button in the middle.

Simply by pressing the button, an order for a preset pizza meal will be sent to the restaurant via your smartphone’s bluetooth.  Soon after, the pizza will be delivered to your doorstep—no calls required! Users can choose their preset orders on the company’s website beforehand, and then just push when hungry-(which may be dangerous for those midnight snackers).

The instinctive nature of the magnet—seeing that most people would check their refrigerator first when they get hungry—and the downright convenience will surely appeal to many, just don’t let the kids in on the secret.

Due to overwhelming popularity, if you’re in Dubai and wish to order one now, an automated response from the company says you’ll have to wait: “Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received, we regret to inform you that our first collection of magnets have already found homes across Dubai. We value loyal customers like you, so please stay tuned for more VIP Fridge Magnets to come!”

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The World’s First ‘Edible’ Cookbook

Well, I guess that sort of defeats the purpose of buying a cookbook if each of the recipes are only good for one use – but German design agency Korefe has created the first cookbook you can read, cook and eat.

Called ‘The Real Cookbook’, we stumbled across on Design Taxi, the cook-able and edible cookbook is made of 100% fresh pasta, and gives you the recipe on how to make a classic lasagne at the same time.  Other than instructions, The Real Cookbook plays an essential part as one of the main ingredients in making the lasagne—pasta pages are used as sheets in a lasagna – saving the chef time at the supermarket having to select which type of pasta to use.

Once baked, the book becomes good enough to eat, but what if you really liked the recipe? That’s a lot of cookbooks to buy. And you can FORGET passing down the recipes to younger generations. But it looks cool, and I guess that’s all that matters right? Right?


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DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Brandon Dover

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Brandon Dover. New to the DENY Designs family this year, Brandon’s unique style of work definitely stands out in the crowd. We are loving his almost architectural approach to designs and of course, the colors. We are thrilled to have Brandon on board, because his work is something completely different, and truly wonderful.

Check out more about Brandon, his inspiration and some of his work on DENY Designs products:


Brandon Dover (b. April 9, 1992) was born and raised in the dusty California High Desert. He currently lives in the town of Apple Valley and is studying graphic design at California State University SanBernardino. His interest in drawing first started when in elementary school as he noticed his older brother Chris doodling humorous cartoon characters at home, and of course he started trying it out for himself.

His love for more abstract and detailed art started though while in the eighth-grade when he noticed one of his older peers drawing a very whimsical and “mind-blowing” doodle on his math notes that took over the whole page. His love for the arts continued further in high school when enrolled in a screen-printing class he discovered that he could actually put his artwork on t-shirts!

Since then he has discovered and participated on various t-shirt design and artist websites such as Threadless and Society6 that have benefited him greatly with their large and supportive artist communities. Still very young and excited about living a life of art and design Brandon hopes to add something to this world of amazing artists and possibly impact a few people for the better in the process.

To see all of Brandon’s work on DENY Designs products, visit: http://denydesigns.com/collections/brandon-dover-all-art


DENY Designs Launches Throw Pillow Collection

Looking to complete a room full of solids with a unique print? Need to add a pop of color to your dull, lackluster space? Accomplish all of the above with one simple, yet powerful home accessory we like to call the DENY DesignsThrow Pillow!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of throw pillows to the DENY Designs product line!  Now you can take a room full of solid colors and add a super bright, fun or vibrant throw pillow to give just the right accent.

Here are some of the designs (one from each artist) shown on the throw pillows. Pretty cool right?

All of the designs on DENY Designs are available on throw pillows, so if you did not see one that strikes your fancy, just visit: http://denydesigns.com/collections/throw-pillow-by-artist

Now, until March 27th, 2012 at 3:26pm (EST), you can grab a throw pillow or two for 20% off! Just use the coupon code: WeLoveThrowPillows at checkout.

Happy Birthday To Us! DENY Designs Turns One

Exactly one year ago, DENY Designs was born. We are thrilled to say that today we are celebrating one amazing year of business. We are looking forward to the many more birthdays that will surely come. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to surround ourselves with amazing people and extremely talented artists that make DENY Designs tick. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

DENY Designs Products

About DENY Designs
Based in Denver, Colorado, DENY Designs is a modern, think-outside-the-box home furnishings company. DENY empowers its customers to transform dull, everyday household accessories into fun and original statement pieces by adding a personal image or selecting artwork from the DENY Art Gallery. With each purchase from the Gallery, our team of talented artists earn part of the proceeds, enabling DENY to support art communities all over the world while also spreading the creative love! From custom furniture pieces to textiles, if it’s in the home décor category, DENY puts its own unique spin on it!

About The Husband and Wife Team Behind DENY Designs:

Dustin Nyhus, CEO & Founder
A Denver native, Dustin Edward NYhus is the namesake behind DENY Designs. But he’s more than just a name. He’s a creator, visionary and he’s got mad skills when it comes to designing and building furniture. It’s in his blood, as he grew up watching his father and grandfather build just about anything and everything. It inspired him and naturally, he followed in their footsteps. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from Metropolitan State College of Denver, he took off to sunny South Florida to design boats for Bertram Yachts. But as we all know, you can take the boy out of Colorado, but you can’t take the Colorado out of the boy. So, Dustin moved back to Denver and spent five years in wholesale manufacturing before he got the brilliant idea to combine both of his work experiences. Alongside his wife Kim, Dustin created DENY Designs and continues to be the brains behind the operation. You name it, he oversees it. He’s a busy guy living out his dream…and he’s just getting started.

Kim Nyhus, Co-Founder
Originally from South Florida, the creative and fashion-forward Co-Founder of DENY Designs inched her way to Denver over the last 10 years. How’d she get there? By way of Dallas, where she attended SMU (go Ponies!) and met her future husband. After graduating with a degree in Advertising Management, Kim decided to move to the freezing cold, all in the name of love. Why else would she trade 80-degree weather and flip-flops for snowy days and UGG boots? And thankfully, it was a good move on her part because after working in advertising, event planning and television production, she ended up marrying Dustin, having twin boys (the cutest babies ever!) and starting this rockin’ company we call DENY Designs. Together with Dustin, Kim manages every detail of the company making sure that their creative vision comes to life from the carefully selected, highly talented DENY artists to the exclusive line of products that are offered.

Visit: www.denydesigns.com

Incredible 3D Screw Art Portraits

Wow. This makes me want to skip out on work today and head straight to Home Depot to pick up some power tools, plywood and approximately 10,000 screws. Yeah, yeah I know that I would never be able to recreate what Andrew Meyers does, but I can at least dream right?

American artist Andrew Myers uses screws to create amazing, detailed, 3D-portraits of people. Myers spends just two or three days and up to ten thousand screws for each piece. He takes a sheet of plywood, makes a sketch of a portrait in pencil, and then begins to place the screws at different depths turning a flat image into a volume masterpiece. Easier said than done.

Check them out – so amazing!

Biography:  Since his early childhood, Andrew Myers has been artistically influenced by european life and culture.  Born in Braunshweig, Germany and raised in Ciudad Real, Spain his exposure to modern continental living and classical architecture prompted the universal and classical themes, yet modern design found in his artwork.

At the age of 20, Myers applied to the Art Institute of Southern California (now known as the Laguna College of Art and Design); with no previous art training, he was accepted based upon the natural talent his application portfolio evidenced.  The young artist developed his skills through advanced figurative sculpture and accelerated painting curriculum.  While these two and a half years of creative training provided Myers with the basic working knowledge of the artistic field, it was his drive, passion, and leap of faith into work as a full time artist that allowed him to cultivate his particular style.

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PANTONE Introduces Tangerine Tango Makeup Collection

So how much do you really like PANTONE’s pick for color of the year? Enough to wear it – on your face? PANTONE has now teamed up with beauty company Sephora to create a makeup line that revolves entirely around PANTONE’s 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango.

The make-up collection will feature the bright reddish-orange hue in various forms, such as luminous eyeliner, creamy lipsticks, nail polish, blush, lip-gloss, faux lashes and eye shadow.

This would include colored tools that bear the tangerine spirit for you to apply the makeup with, such as brushes, eyelash curlers and makeup pouches – because just the Tangerine Tango make-up is not enough.

To start looking sunshine, citrus-kissed, the entire collection is available for purchase on Sephora.com. Prices range from US$7 to US$68.

Will you be sporting the bright hues this summer or passing on the trend?

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