East Coast vs. West Coast: Designers

The stereotypes of East Coasters and West Coasters have been around almost as long as there has been a right and left side of the United States. Folks from the West Coast say East Coasters are uptight, unfriendly, and stressed out. Meanwhile people on the East Coast tend to think of West Coasters as flakey, peaceful, and, maybe, healthier. East Coasters, so the story goes, are more prim, proper, and conservative in their dress—lunch at the country club anyone?—and social attitudes. In stark contrast, West Coasters have a more free-flowing, casual, and hippy-style—don’t forget your Birkenstocks!—and liberal in their beliefs. Really though, is there any merit to these generalizations of the attitudes and behavior of people living on the opposite sides of the country? What about the design industry? This infographic prepared for MightyDeals sees the main differences between the coasts in the design industry. Pretty interesting breakdown of culture, attitudes, work styles and even fashion preferences. So pick a side – are you East Coast or West Coast? via MightyDeals.com

DUVET TUESDAY! DENY Designs Duvet Cover Giveaway Contest

With all of these super sweet blogs doing giveaways lately, we felt like we wanted to join in the fun and create DUVET TUESDAY!

We want to give anyone and everyone who participates the chance to win their very own DENY Designs duvet cover.  Nothing beats curling up under the covers after a long day. And what better way to unwind than to surround yourself with gorgeous, fantastical artwork? We think that’s pretty rad, it’s a $190 value! And who doesn’t want to snuggle up in something that is free?

It’s pretty simple, to enter, just follow DENY Designs on both Facebook and Twitter and then fill out this very, very short form (you only have to enter your name, email and your fave DENY Designs artist) to be entered to win a DENY Designs duvet cover:


We will announce the winner next Tuesday, March 5th at 11AM EST. Good luck, and keep on designing!


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Clara Nilles

The DENY Designs Featured Artist of the Week this week is Clara Nilles. Clara brings a bright and playful touch to the DENY Designs family with her work. All of her vibrant designs feature exotic animals that have become favorites of DENY Designs customers (like this Jellybean Giraffes shower curtain).  No matter what age you are, Clara’s work can definitely transform any boring room into a fun, colorful oasis!

Learn more about Clara Nilles and her inspiration for her work:

Art is my absolute passion in life. 

Primarily self-taught, I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. I LOVE exploring with bright colors and using intense brilliant hues.  Animals are my favorite subjects; from owls to ponies to buffalo.

I believe color is the universal language that brings a positive energy to people and communicates strong emotions and mood. I also think that animals bring out the goodness and feelings of being with the earth. It’s a combination that has timeless appeal for children and adults alike.

My paintings are bright and happy and according to one of my collectors……”PURE FUN”!  I want people to laugh, love, smile, and be charmed when viewing my works.

My artwork can be seen at: www.claranilles.com

To see all of Clara Nilles work featured on DENY Designs products, visit: http://denydesigns.com/collections/clara-nilles-all-art

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Rosie Brown

The DENY Designs Featured Artist of the Week is Rosie Brown.  Rosie’s abstract style, bright blooms and seascapes instantly take you on a tropical getaway. DENY Designs customers are loving the way Rosie’s work can transform any dull room into a gorgeous paradise. Check out more about Rosie Brown and her work on DENY Designs products:

Rosie Brown has been painting in different mediums her entire life. She originally came from Cuba at the age of nine and knew the importance of having a steady job. This experience prompted her to obtain a business degree from Florida International University. Rosie’s true passion centered on painting and continued to flourish throughout her successful business career. After retiring, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to create.

Rosie’s love of art extends out to organizations in the community. She is a signature member of the Miami Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society and a docent at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. Rosie recently completed two “art in public places ” pieces in Coconut Grove and South Miami.

The subjects of her paintings are varied, but they all reflect Florida living: vibrant colors, gorgeous seascapes, luscious fruits, tropical birds, exotic blooms, great light and awesome shadows.

 To see all of Rosie’s DENY Designs products, head over here: http://denydesigns.com/collections/rosie-brown-all-art

Valentina Ramos – Colorful Duvets & Bath Essentials From DENY Designs

For only one more day, Joss & Main, an online home decor and accessories sale website has Valentina Ramos duvet covers and shower curtains by DENY Designs on sale! Get a steal of deal on some amazing products – but don’t wait, it will be over before you know it!

Here is what Joss & Main has to say about the Valentina Ramos DENY Designs products:

“Inspired by the animal kingdom and adorned with infinite detail, the vibrant bedding and bath essentials from Valentina Ramos offer eye-catching style. Intricate spirals and endless lines transform regal elephants, inquisitive songbirds, blooming flowers, and proud peacocks into irresistible art for your duvet covers and show curtains. Add beauty to your personal oasis with this charming collection of bright hues and elaborate designs.”

Head to Joss & Main now to grab your Valentina Ramos product by DENY Designs: https://www.jossandmain.com/Valentina-Ramos~E558.html

Happy Friday: Terrifying Images Of Dogs Diving Underwater

At DENY Designs we are always on the prowl for new unique artists and photographers to add to our family.  While on our latest search on the world wide web, we across the very “terrifying and bewitching” work of photographer, Seth Casteel. Casteel is a Los Angeles-based pet photographer and owner of Little Friends Pet Photography.  A majority of Casteel’s work is cute and cuddly, but he can also make your best friend look like your worst enemy with his recently-discovered way of photographing dogs diving underwater – which is what really caught our eye.

Casteel first started shooting dogs underwater only about 18 months ago when he was asked to do a portrait of a King Charles spaniel who wouldn’t stay out of his owner’s pool.  Now he has created a way to snap a photo of your dog with the look of determination and intensity as it fetches objects from the pool. Using a snorkel mask and sinking chew toys, Casteel holds his breath for 90 seconds and sits at the bottom of the pool to wait for the right moment.

“The near-weightless conditions, coupled with the drag of the water, do odd things to a dog. Lips go flying. Fur and ears lie flat. Eyelids are peeled back. Most of all, they reveal the intense determination that dogs bring to having fun.” The result: a terrifying, hilarious and “bewitching” photo of your best friend.

Since last week when a selection of images went viral, Casteel has been getting calls from all over the world requesting his underwater doggy diving photo services -and we can’t say that we are surprised. We think his photos would look fabulous on DENY Designs shower curtains and duvet covers, right?

Source: Business Insider

Home Decor Style Report: Mardi Gras

Bold colors, vibrant patterns, lively designs, and hints of classic elegance showcase the decadent thrill of Mardi Gras. This captivating Carnival-themed collection blends stylish panache and social flair, brimming with luxurious chaises for comfortable entertaining, eye-catching pillows to dress up your bedroom, gold-toned chests and tables for flowing splendor, and sleek serveware for a New Orleans-worthy soiree. The key ideas here are flamboyance, vivid color, and a carnival-like atmosphere.

Check out some of our favorite Mardi Gras-Inspired home decor pieces that we have run across today:

You can find more here at Joss & Main: https://www.jossandmain.com/Design-Report~E566.html