Lucky Magazine: “50% off the shower curtains we’re obsessed with, today only!”

That’s right, you read that correctly. Lucky Magazine staffers are as obsessed with the DENY Designs shower curtains as we are, so today only (for 24 hours), you can grab your own powder-room transforming designs for 50% off! Yes, 50% off.

Head over to the Lucky Magazine “Lucky Right Now” deals page to grab the secret coupon code, then jet over to DENY Designs and pick up your own shower curtain today! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Here is what Lucky Magazine staffers had to say:

Lucky Right Now

What you need to know this instant.

DENY Designs Shower Curtains, 50% Off!
Just for Lucky readers: Amazing 24-hour discounts of 40 to 50 percent off. Sneeze and you’ll miss ’em!


Some home decor items fall into the “decorative accent” category; others are a non-negotiable necessity. Would you bathe sans shower curtain? No? Then feel 100 percent justified in purchasing one of these powder-room transforming designs. We’re keen on this unisexy black-and-white print by artist Valentina Ramos, but there’s a full-on kaleidoscope of shockingly colorful options on offer by other talented artists.

Regular price: $89 to $109, Lucky Breaks price: $44.50 to $54.50

Grab it here:   

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Mandy Hazell

The DENY Designs featured artist of the week is Mandy Hazell. Mandy’s playful, bright and lovable work stands out in any crowd. We are so thrilled to be able to work with such a talented local Denver artist!

Learn more about Mandy and her inspiration:

I am proud to say I am a local Denver artist. I spent most my childhood drawing and creating all sorts of art and that characteristic has stuck with me throughout the years. I am self taught and enjoy working with acrylics. I love creating art that is bright, vibrant and whimsical and hopefully brings a smile to your face. Color is a very important aspect to my art. Although my days are mainly spent in the 9-5 business world, my passion is my art. I spend whatever time I have towards creating new pieces and building my portfolio. I am lucky to be apart of such a creative and growing community and am thankful for my family and friends that continue to support and inspire me. I hope you enjoy my work.

Check out some of Mandy’s work on DENY Designs products below and her full collection here: 


Love It or Hate It? DENY Designs Throw Pillows

Our new obsession: throw pillows. We want to know if you love them as much as we do, especially if they were to feature DENY Designs artists’ artwork on them.  Would you grab one for your own home?

We are asking for your help with a quick survey, because without you we would be lost.  Plus, we will email you a 20% off coupon code if/when DENY Designs launches the new collection of throw pillows just for filling out the extremely short form here:

So check out what we were thinking, we love them. Do you?




How To Be Your Own Professional Organizer: 10 Tips From The Pros

One of our new year’s resolutions: ORGANIZE!  Well, that worked really well for about 2 weeks and now we are finding our spaces once again plagued by the pre-new year clutter. How are we supposed to get this right?! Thank goodness we came across a FAB article posted on ApartmentTherapy about how to get organized and STAY organized. They have gathered 10 tips from real professional organizers that we can all use to keep everything in line. Check them out:

1. Get Ready The Night Before. Start your day off a little less frantically by setting out your clothes, prepping the meals, getting the kids’ bags ready, setting the coffee maker on automatic, etc.

2. Open Mail Over The Recycle Bin. Don’t set it down in a pile to get to later because you know what will happen. Get rid of the paper and junk right away, and put the important stuff in your mail/bill area.

3. Write It Down. I know this is a big thing for me. If I don’t write things down they just keep a constant party going on in my head. Writing it down helps to free me and let me relax. You can’t keep it all in there, it’s just too much and can keep you awake at night. Get it out.

4. Slow And Steady Wins The Race. I for one am terrible at this. I see a project at hand, and I attack it like a maniac till it’s done. Because I’m this way I tend to get overwhelmed by the thought of it and end up never starting. So focusing on a little bit at a time would be a much better solution. Unpack one box in storage a day instead of waiting for that whole day to tackle it all that seems to never come.

5. Time Out. Set a timer for ten minutes and clean whatever you can in that amount of time each day. If you have kids it could be like a game, who can get the most done the fastest and the winner gets a prize. You may be shocked how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time.

6. Play Cards. Write household tasks on index cards and draw one each day. That is your chore for the day. Be sure to include a few Free Day cards in there. When you finish the box start again. This is also a great way to incorporate kid’s chores as well.

7. Pad Your Time. The phrase, “Just give me five minutes” is often overused and rarely true. Most things take longer than five minutes. Try to set a realistic time frame for the little things you need to do so you can have a more accurate time management system throughout the day. 10-15 minutes per task is much more realistic and lets you slow down and breathe if you end up with a little buffer.

8. Set Goals. Write any long term goals or dreams on a set of index cards, then arrange them in order of importance. Write deadlines on the top of each card, break them down into mini-goals and schedule time to achieve them.

9. Give It Up. Whenever you see something that you don’t use any more immediately put it in a box. When the box is full bring it to goodwill. You don’t need to wait for that big clean out day you’re going to eventually do.

10. Put It Away Now. Don’t wait to do it later. Everything should have its home and when you are finished with it put it back. It takes just as much energy to be disorganized as it does to be organized.

So what are you waiting for? Snap to it and get to organizing! We are trying our best too – we will see how things look in another two weeks:)

A Pinkberry Room Design Makeover? Yes Please!

Pinkberry may have some of the best frozen treats, but we are also in love with their interior decor style.

Refinery29 says: “The SoCal born-and-bred chain has won a place in all of our hearts thanks to their delicious froyo, cool corporate practices, and, last but not least, their futuristically designed stores. In many ways, that last point isn’t a surprise: after all, co-founder Young Lee is an architect.  And with standardized Philippe Starck furniture and Le Klint lighting, Pinkberry’s chic storefronts are as much of a brand mainstay as their inimitable chilled treats.”

“Now, fans of the brand’s design have something to celebrate. In honor of its seventh birthday, Pinkberry is hosting a Design-Over sweepstakes. What does that mean? Um, how about a consultation with Pinkberry’s lead store designer, a complete room re-design, and a post-makeover party catered by Pinkberry? The room makeover comes complete with furniture, paint, lighting, and accessories, all coordinated to mimic the clean, ultra-cool aesthetic of Pinkberry’s interiors.”

Want in on the action? Well, you’d be crazy not to. Head over to Pinkberry before January 31st and simply fill out the online form for your chance to have the coolest treats and interior decor on the block. Oh, and don’t forget to invite the DENY designs team when you win!

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Conor O’Donnell

The DENY Designs Artist of The Week this week is Conor O’Donnell.  Conor’s “Tree Study” collection has been some of the most popular with DENY Designs customers. His use of shadow, light, color and mystery makes his work so unique.

What Conor says about his work: “There is a significant physical and tactile approach to developing my work. I am interested in the application of paint and other media – an experiment in cause and effect. I seek to balance serendipitous moments and times of control. I align my work with formalist rather than structuralist thought, visual over vocal. One form of inspiration lies in the spirituality behind the works of George Inness and the industrious use of materials by Antoni Tapies. My work is attentive to shadow, light, color, mystery, imagination, poetry, detail, memory, and layers of translucence. “


Check out more of Conor O’Donnell’s work on his own website: and to see more of his work on DENY Designs products visit his page here:

What Is Your Design Style?

Design styles are constantly changing and evolving. There are so many different tastes in interior design these days that it is hard to nail down exactly what your specific style is and how to use it to influence your own home design. There are so many amazing things to love about each style, but which one suits your design style the best?

Check out the little “History of Interior Design” infographic that we found on DesignShuffle and follow along to see which style you would use!

Hot New Hues To Try In Your Home

Stuck in a design rut? What better way to crank it up a notch than to try adding some color to an otherwise neutral room? Here are some of this winter’s hottest hues from HGTV that you should try now:


Pantone named this hot red-orange hue its 2012 color of the year, and it’s not hard to see why: This happy, rich shade instantly recharges a room and pairs well with dark, moody hues like blue-greens or indigo. Add it to an accent wall in a neutral room, like this contemporary dining space, for an instant shot of vibrancy. Design by Marie Burgos


Use small doses of this deep, bright hue alongside masculine grays like designer Bryan Patrick Flynn did here, or pair with frosty blues and metallics for a new take on a classic winter palette.


Teal is a trendy color that’s easy to love. “It’s easy on the eyes, yet bright enough to make a statement, and it works with male or female interior preferences,” says Emily Morrow, Director of Color, Design and Style at Shaw Floors. “If you’re brave, paint the walls. Teal is surprisingly versatile, and an accent wall is a quick project,” says Vallerie Drorbaugh, Style Manager for the Foundary. The teal wall in this room by Emily Henderson is the perfect backdrop for the yellow-orange, red and green hues in the jumbo map.


No longer relegated to little girl’s rooms, this sweet, sophisticated shade is cropping up everywhere from table decor to modern living rooms. “This is the evolution of beige,” says trend forecaster Stacy Garcia. Use this kissed-by-color hue as a new neutral, alongside black, chocolate and camel, or emphasize its feminine qualities alongside fuchsia and cornflower blue as designer Jennifer Jones does here.

So what are you waiting for? Be brave and go bold this year!

Artwork For Your Bed

On Thursday, January 5th, along with DENY designs shower curtains, Valentina Ramos duvet covers will also be featured on!

Talented Miami-based graphic designer Valentina Ramos specializes in pen and ink wildlife drawings against vibrant backdrops. And we can’t think of a better way to truly experience Valentina’s art than by, well, sleeping with it—with these duvet covers from Deny Designs.

“Nothing beats curling up under the covers after a long day. And what better way to do it than surrounded by gorgeous, fantastical artwork?”
– Jessica Franksen, Supplier Relations Manager,


DENY designs Artist of The Week: Brian Wall

The DENY designs Artist of The Week is: Brian Wall of Brian Wall Fine Art. Brian’s creations for DENY designs create some of the most unique home decor that we absolutely love!  Check out Brian’s story:


Brian Wall was born in 1975 in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. At the age of two, his family moved to Denver, where he has lived ever since. Although he grew up drawing constantly, Brian never pursued art as a career choice or a direction for college. As a child, he was constantly drawing characters, copying photos, and creating abstract doodles. He showed his creative talent and craftsmanship early on, but he felt that art was an impossible career choice, so he explored other options after high school.

At age 25, he began to teach himself to paint along side of his high school friend, Damon Lascala, who is also a successful painter. After a few short years, Brian was showing regularly throughout the Denver area and has logged nearly twenty solo and group shows to date. He has both fine art and commissioned works owned by collectors, first-time buyers, private country clubs, restaurants, and various other public spaces.

Brian’s direction in art was formed more from his drawing style and personal creativity than from teachers or art history. His unique style is very spontaneous. He rarely sketches out his paintings, preferring to draw inspiration from the moment. While his favorite styles of painting are cubism, futurism, and surrealism, his own paintings are more experimental in nature.

Aside from abstract paintings, Brian has worked with realism, landscapes, trompe-l’oeil, murals, sculpture, and many other creative processes, but his passion lies in his abstractions.


Check out Brian’s work on DENY products here. You won’t be disappointed.

Liven Up Your Shower with DENY designs and

To say that we are ecstatic about being featured on is an understatment. We can’t wait to share our products with the masses (and at a nice discount).


If you check out this Thursday, January 5th, you’ll be able to purchase one of DENY designs unique shower curtains and liven up your own shower! Here is what had to say about DENY:

“Nothing wakes you up like a morning shower, and nothing energizes that shower like a vibrant piece of artwork. Toss that pharmacy-brand snoozer-of-a-shower curtain, and liven things up a little with Deny Design’s wildlife curtain prints from Valentina Ramos, Amy Smith and Madart Inc.”

And if you have not signed up for yet, be sure to do that today, because it takes a few days to confirm your membership.

About DENY designs:
“DENY Designs is putting the fun back in furniture! We’re a modern, think outside the box company creating high-end furniture and accessories that can be personalized using your own image or by selecting an original piece of art from our gallery.”
– Dustin Nyhus, Founder, DENY designs